Style Series - Layering

I am kicking off this Style Series by talking about one of the more daunting tasks men are afraid to figure out.

Adding layers to what you wear.

Now unless it’s a million degrees out, you should be trying to layer your outfits. There are plenty of benefits besides looking amazing.

If you are a skinny guy, adding layers actually fills out your body more. On the heavier side? Adding a jacket or a sweater will cover up the excess and thin you out.

It could be as simple as wearing a sweater over a button-down or a vest over a graphic tee. Or you could make it a little more complex by adding another jacket on top of that.

As long as you layer in a way that is a compliment to the other things you are wearing, I guarantee that you’ll be dressed better than 80% of the people out there. Trust me. Most guys in the U.S. still don't do this. So get ahead of the game.

Here are some decent examples.

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