It's Our Birthday: We’re All Grown Up

We're SO ready to party...some things never change.Nearly four years ago, I took a BoltBus with my friend Amy to meet Gary Vaynerchuk for the first time in New York City.

Gary and I were tweeting back and forth and I was a huge fan of his “monetizing your passion” message. That day, I was finally going to get the chance to meet someone I looked up to.

But, we got caught in rush hour traffic on the way. I saw tweets from him saying the venue was being lame about lowering their music and his talk may get cancelled.

He was the only reason I went to New York.

We bolted off the bus (no pun intended) and rushed to the venue. By the time we arrived, the venue refused to turn down the music but he was still there.

In fact, he took the huge crowd outside, stood on a milk crate and did his keynote about pursuing your passion right on the sidewalk.