It's Our Birthday: We’re All Grown Up

We're SO ready to party...some things never change.Nearly four years ago, I took a BoltBus with my friend Amy to meet Gary Vaynerchuk for the first time in New York City.

Gary and I were tweeting back and forth and I was a huge fan of his “monetizing your passion” message. That day, I was finally going to get the chance to meet someone I looked up to.

But, we got caught in rush hour traffic on the way. I saw tweets from him saying the venue was being lame about lowering their music and his talk may get cancelled.

He was the only reason I went to New York.

We bolted off the bus (no pun intended) and rushed to the venue. By the time we arrived, the venue refused to turn down the music but he was still there.

In fact, he took the huge crowd outside, stood on a milk crate and did his keynote about pursuing your passion right on the sidewalk.

He said focus on the thing you love; it will be the key not only to your success but your happiness.

When it was over, Amy, who knew Gary, introduced me. It was an amazing moment. He thanked me for being such a supporter of his content and message -- even though I was a Patriots fan.

There was so much I wanted to talk to him about -- but I was one of 80 others who felt the same. The only thing that mattered to me was the last thing he said to me. 

“If you care about it THAT much, just do it.”

We hugged, parted ways and my life hasn’t been the same since. We have become friends and he has even unofficially advised me on the direction of my business over the years. To this day, I have a ton to thank him for. 

I don’t ever get to share this part of my story and the reason I’m sharing this today is seeing Gary transition from standing on a milk crate to having two New York Times bestselling books and a growing consulting company in Vaynermedia is a true testament to what hustle can do for you -- and it has been my inspiration.

That search for my passion, combined with inspiration and the all-mighty hustle turned a dream into what is now The Professional Wingman.

And today, it turns three years old.

That’s like 40 in Internet years, right?

I couldn’t be happier and fortunate to have the opportunity to help people find their true love. Whether it’s with  a lifelong partner, career or family, only one love stands above all -- and it’s with themselves. That’s the ultimate love, and I get to help people rediscover that every day. It’s the best job in the world.

Now that we’re older, it’s important that our services evolve with the times, to provide a more amazing experience on the journey to finding love and becoming a more confident person.

As you can see, we are sporting a new look. Things will be easier to find, services will be clearly understood -- and it’ll look good while doing both.

But we also have three new things we’d like to share with you.

Corporate Wingman. This has been something we’ve been working on for nearly a year. So many of our clients improve workplace performance using the skills and strategies we teach them, from refining a pitch to handling media interviews to building better relationships with clients.

And then it occurred to me: develop your social skills, develop your work performance. 

Now, we’ll be extending our services to the professional world. For both businesses and individuals, we’ll help increase employee engagement, improve client relations, give better presentations or anything else that will positively impact their bottom line.

Wingman Academy. We are creating communities in the places we spend time the most. Each community will be focused on one idea: becoming better men.

Our meetup events will focus on particular aspects of personal development and happen once a month. We’ve launched in Boston and our April meetup is already almost full. RSVP now or join the group to find out about our next one. We also have a community launched in NYC as well. Other cities will be coming soon.

Private Client Profiles. Once you become a client of ours, you’ll get a special username and password giving you access to our client site. Here,you can adjust your preferences, contact me directly and access resources with a simple click.

The days of getting separate emails with worksheets, guides and forms are over. Everything will be in one spot and you’ll have access to it forever. Most importantly, all of your information will be kept confidential and secure.

I’m REALLY excited for what’s to come for the company and I hope you’ll follow along on the journey -- or become one of oursuccess stories by using our services today (seriously, click to see some coolness in action)!