Surviving Cuffing Season and Beyond


The first leaves have fallen and there’s a certain chill in the morning air.  Summer is officially over and the days are getting shorter.  While some consider this time of year fall, if you’re single, you also know this as Cuffing Season.  It may sound made up, but cuffing season is a real thing. 

Why spend winter alone on the couch when you can spend it cuddled up next to a lovely lady who doesn’t mind that your six pack is no longer showing?

If you want this relationship to weather the storm, literally and metaphorically, keep reading for a few tips on how to make your cuffing season relationship last long after the snow melts!

Plan Date Nights In 

During the winter months, the weather can be touch and go.  Why risk it when you can plan a romantic night in?  Cook a meal together, cue some rom coms on your streaming device, light a fire in the fireplace and just talk, or do all of the above! 

Your date will appreciate any of these gestures and will appreciate even more that she doesn’t have to get all dressed up and fight the outside elements!  Spending this kind of quality time will help you get to know one another and build a foundation that will last a very long time!

Keep up on Your Grooming Routine

Chances are you’ll spend a lot of time cuddling with your new love interest and while she may not mind a couple extra pounds on your waistline, she might be offended if you’re not following a grooming routine. 

Simple things like using beard oils to keep your facial hair soft and smooth or taking a multivitamin to keep your hair, skin and nails thick and strong, can go a long way.  If a woman sees you practicing self-care, she knows you’re invested in your well being and will most likely increase her investment in you!  

Really Get to Know Her

Look, we all know meeting your significant other’s friends and family can be intimidating, but if you want this to last, you need to show her you care about who she cares about.  There are plenty of ways to make a great impression and it all starts with showing up as you –– and powerfully. 

Think of it this way, if she likes you, it’s likely her friends and family will too!  Be confident and go in with an open mind.  After all, these people could be in your life for a very long time so you want their first impression of you to be the best it can be.  When you’re ready, invite her to meet your friends and family as well.  

Have Fun

Cuffing Season is traditionally known as a time to “lock down” a partner to cuddle with all winter, but if you want to make it last, the most important tip you need to remember is be yourself powerfully!  Live in the moment and enjoy the newness of this relationship. 

Let your guard down and don’t take yourself, or anything else, too seriously.  The beginning stages of a relationship can be awkward but if you can get around sweating the small stuff, you’ll be more likely to have fun and enjoy each others company! 

Remember, this is new for both of you.