How Important Is It to You to Find Love?

When I meet with potential clients who are looking for help getting more dates, finding a better relationship, and long-lasting love, it's interesting to see their reaction when we talk about the investment -- both financially and emotionally.

For many people, they'll gladly spend $100,000 on an undergraduate college education that presumably will get them a good job. Some will spend another $100,000 on a Master's / Doctoral program that will put them in better career position. Yet, when it's all said and done, and there's still something missing in their lives (a romantic relationship), some will find our rates an expensive investment in finding one.

It's important to understand if you want something you'd like to last a lifetime, there's significant value in that -- no matter what the investment may be. And it's not just money we're talking about here. Time and energy are just as valuable -- if not more valuable to some people.

When I meet with all of my potential clients, the #1 thing I look for is how important finding love or building a lifetime of confidence is to them.  If it's not, they definitely won't look to significantly investment in themselves -- and as a result, we can't invest in them.  Like any relationship, both parties need to want it in order for it to work out. 

The interview below is of a guy who bought a billboard because he wants to find love. Notice how he specifically talked about how important finding love is for him and why he'll gladly spend thousands on a billboard over $30/month on online dating.


How important is it to you to find love? Do you think the guy in the video is crazy? Or is he on to something? What stops you from taking control or reaching out to someone who can help you do that?