Plan amazing dates in 3 easy steps



This is a guest post by my buddy, Stanley, from the Date Valet. Enter Stanley. 


Planning an amazing date can seem like a daunting task - especially if you are trying to plan something like a first date on a Friday night.  What to do? Where to go? How to be Original?

Have a Plan and a Backup Plan

The most important element of planning an amazing date is to have a plan and a back up plan.  Planning your night out is the easiest simplest way of ensuring that your date goes off without a hitch.   Having a plan means you are not worried about the mechanics of the date because they have been taken care of already.  You should have a list of places that you would like to go during the night with their addresses and phone numbers stored in your phone.  Especially on your early dates, you should only plan your dates at bars and restaurants where you can make a reservation.  Having to wait half an hour no matter how good the places will put a damper on your date.  If you insist on going to the latest “no reservations” restaurant, go there before your date and leave your name.  Have your date meet you at a nearby bar. When they call you, you can simply walk over. 

Having a backup plan is also a good idea.  Things go wrong: bars close for private events, restaurants shut down without prior notice.  It pays to jot down some alternatives to each place you select.  Having a plan will make your date feel special and that is the foundation of all great dates.

Respect Her Shoes

In New York City, shoes inspire near religious devotion.  When a lady throws on the proper shoes to impress, you must respond in kind.  That means that you cannot make her walk in them for more than a city block or so. Keep your date spots together and take cabs whenever possible.  Secondly make sure that the shoes are walking into the right places.  In other words, casual shoes for casual places and fancy shoes for fancy places

Expand the playing field

To keep things original, you have to start thinking outside the box for fun date ideas and romantic restaurants that everyone knows about.  One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to travel to a neighborhood that neither of you are familiar with. 

Following these three simple steps will help you plan amazing dates.  The Date Valet always recommends having a well-designed plan for every date no matter how serious or casual.  One night can change everything.

Founded in the spring of 2012, the Date Valet is a collective of long time New Yorkers whose sole mission is to uncover the best date ideas the city and offer it to our clients in easy to use and personalized service.