6 Places to Meet Women Outside the Bar

It can be tough to meet women if the only place you look is at the bar. Not every place has alcohol, loud music, and mood lighting to help you get lucky. But if you really want to improve your chances of getting REAL dates, here are some places that can create a more authentic interaction.

Supermarket. Although it’s one of the harder places to meet women, there will always be a commonality between you two -- food. High traffic places are the checkout counter, the deli stand, and the liquor area (where available). Don’t try to be suave here -- just saying hi and introducing yourself will work best. If you’d like to introduce some context, ask her what recipe she plans to use for her fillet, or if she’s the one even cooking. If conversation goes well, go for the number because a cooking date will be in the works.

Coffee Shop. The daytime version of a bar, it’s a awesome and comfortable place to meet women. The only thing you’ll need to be aware of is whether or not who you decide to talk to is stressed or focused, as they will be the ones to not want conversation. Get a couple positive responses from her and you can keep it up.

Happy Hour. This is either a “duh” response, or a “wait, I thought you said no bars.” I did, but happy hours are the exception. Not only is it a great place but it’s also great timing to meet women because it’s not the typical late night routine. Unlike meeting women at the bar at night, you can actually have normal, daytime conversation, just keeping in mind that because it’s still a bar with music and alcohol, your energy level needs to match the environment. Here are some quick tips to help you survive the whirlwind known as happy hour.

Gym. Simply put, here’s what not to do:

Here’s what to do.

Social Sports Clubs. I’ve mentioned this almost as long as I’ve had this blog. Social sports teams are the easiest way to meet women. Plus, you get to play kickball and softball. You can join as a "free agent" and be assigned to a random team or you can gather a bunch of your friends and relive to old days of athletic superstardom. The added bonus is after most games, everyone goes to the bar for drinks. Need I say more?

Public Transportation. I think this is the goldmine of meet people during the day, based on traffic alone -- no pun intended. The benefits are awesome and how to do it is rather simple.

These 6 examples are just enough to keep your hands full meeting women during the day so you don’t have to worry about going creeping at night. The more you’re aware of opportunities all day, the more chances you’ll have of getting solid dates.