How to Meet Women At The Gym

First of all, this video is hilarious -- don’t be this guy.

I get asked by my clients, specifically men, all the time for advice on how to meet women at the gym -- and for good reason. There are a ton of attractive women at the gym. But the gym is a very difficult venue to meet women and there are a lot of risks involved, the biggest being potentially creeping her out, making it tough to go back to that gym (or her feeling uncomfortable going). So if you want to meet women at the gym, there are two ways to it. There’s the way shown above, which will get you the results I just mentioned; and the way I’m going to show you now.

The first thing is you want to limit the time you approach the women you’re interested in. Depending on the size of the gym, with two or three bad approaches, word can spread quickly and make you a total outcast at the gym.

The second thing is being consistent with your gym activity. You want to go the gym around the same time each day. Like going to the bar, after a while, you become more comfortable with the environment and not only will you notice the other people there at that time, they will also see you as a regular.

While at the gym -- working out, of course -- understand that any interactions you’ll have will be short and no effort should be made to extend it unnecessarily. You don’t want anyone’s impression of you being “that guy who’s always interrupting their workout.”

Because the context of your interaction (remember the 3 C’s) is working out, you can leverage that to say something and begin establishing a level of comfort. For example, if she’s on a machine you’d like to use, you can say, “Hey, do you mind if I hop in between your sets?” From there, you can make an observational statement (“you’re always working out around this time. You coming here straight from work?”), or a tease, such as switching the weights to make them incredibly heavy, then making fun of her for switching them back ("oh, I thought that's what you had before...I just assumed you were that strong...").

Whatever you say, the idea is to make every interaction fun. Over time, the two of you will become more familiar and know when each of your breaks are so you can have longer conversations. After a several interactions over a few times at the gym, if there have been consistently fun interactions, you can definitely ask for her number.

PROTIP: If you’re at the gym late (typically after 8:30), you can just as easily ask her to grab something at the gym’s smoothie bar or a bite at another place. Remember, if you have an opportunity, it’s always better to go for the date over the number.

It takes time to really understand the dynamics of interactions at the gym so be really patient before making your move. Many people see gym time as their “alone time,” so the last thing they want is someone bothering them or making them feel uncomfortable, which is why it’s so important to consistently be friendly and fun -- while working out.

And if you're still not sure what to do, watch that video above and don't do ANY of those things.