5 Ways To Tell If There's Sexual Chemistry On The First Date

Credit:  www.ayi.com

Credit: www.ayi.com

You’ve had those dates that start with disappointment and end with a hangover. The ones where your date fabricated their entire Tinder profile, ones who showed up intoxicated or couldn’t maintain eye contact — unless your eyes are suddenly on your chest, that is.

It’s hard to keep on keepin’ on when so many dates go from bad to worse before you finish your glass of vino — but what inspires you to go for gold? Or at least venture out on thirsty Thursday? The possibility of sexual chemistry on the first date. 

As well as you know the terrible kind, you’ve also had those dates that make you tipsy before you’ve even had a sip of booze. Your knees are touching, you’ve already imagined them naked a handful of times, and you can’t wait to passionately make out outside of your apartment.

But, if you’re anything like me — you always have this knot of panic in your stomach about a pretty big deal breaker that could rear it’s ugly little head in approximately three dates (or whenever the mood strikes). How do you know that the person you’re crushing on — from the very first date — will actually be good in bed?

Sadly, there’s no magic trick to figure out their skills, but by decoding body language clues, you can get a sense if you’re compatible in bed.

Leave it to The Professional Wingman, Thomas Edwards to explain how to decode the scene before you strip down.

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