15 Things Entourage Can Teach You About Dating (Part 2)

Credit: http://schmoesknow.com/

Credit: http://schmoesknow.com/

This is part 2 of a 3 part series where I chat about the characters of Entourage, their personalities, what made them attractive, but most importantly, how you can incorporate some of these characteristics into your own DNA.

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Credit: vancitybuzz.com

Credit: vancitybuzz.com

Johnny “Drama” Chase

The older half-brother of Vincent Chase, most people forget that Drama was the one who moved out to LA first. Not only that, but he also boarded Vince and Turtle for several months when they first came over from Queens, New York.

And although Drama’s acting career would be one most in the industry would kill for based on its consistency and diversity, once Vince landed and took over Hollywood, he became an afterthought. But what about Drama can inspire your own attractiveness?

Drama owns who his is. One part of you sees Drama as a creepy guy. He’s the guy you enjoy hanging out with but cringe every time he says something to / about women. And it’s not like he has any disrespect or resentment toward women. In fact, it’s the total opposite.

He’s just misunderstood.

For an actor with his resume, it’s baffling he still has to struggle to win auditions even though his billboard for a hit TV series is inside the studio lot.

When it comes to women, most will completely ignore him unless they find out he’s Vincent Chase’s brother. And even then, he has to “beg for his supper.”

Sure, it may not work in his favor and he may be bummed about that. But he never tried to change his image in order to appease to others — with the exception of that stupid hat he tried to wear to look younger.

He works incredibly hard on his craft. Countless times, you’ll see him in auditions, fighting to get parts with directors who have hired him for previous work. That’s like applying for a job you got and did just a year ago. Despite all of that, he understands this is what comes with the job, rolls up his sleeves, and goes to work.

Lesson: Own who you are and always work hard to get what you want. Not everyone will understand or "get" you and that's OK. Not everyone is supposed to. Those who will ultimately be the ones who matter.

Sal “Turtle” Assante

He’s the man with one name — like Madonna. You don’t find out his real first name until nearly the end of season five. I think Turtle’s character evolved the most over the series’ eight seasons and it’s easy to see why.

Turtle is loyal. He dropped everything he had in Queens (which wasn’t much, except for being a bookie), and went with Vince to Los Angeles. Throughout the series, he was highlighted as “the driver.” But his blind loyalty made him the most reliable person on the show.

What’s also interesting is that when the series started, he wasn’t the most attractive. Although he wasn’t fit, he wasn’t all that self-conscious of it — mostly because he’d drop Vince’s name in a heartbeat if he knew it could get him laid.

And it worked for him. A lot.

But even when he did have a chance to get laid, he always chose his boys first and repeatedly made it clear to the women who questioned his loyalty. Like it or not, that kind of loyalty is hard to come by.

Turtle’s ambitiousness is unparalleled. For someone who basically rides on easy street and can live off of Vince’s success, it’s amazing Turtle has the drive to pursue something of his own. And even though a couple of his ideas fell flat, it never stopped him from pursuing his dreams.

The man is connected and super scrappy. Somehow, Turtle knows everyone that can hook him and his crew up with whatever they need. There was even one moment when Turtle was able to help get the crew to Cannes because he knew Kanye West, who had a private jet to get them there.

Yeah, he’s one of those guys. And he’s also one of those guys who loves to share all of what he has with everyone, like Vince.

His ambitiousness also drove him to lose and ton of weight and get in better shape, which, these days are very important. Most women will take a guy who is healthy over a guy who is fit. The two are mutually exclusive.

Lesson: Appearances are very deceiving and Turtle represents that to its core. He’s the kind of guy women don’t realize they want until they spend time with him. With all of characters, think about who had the most relationships. It was Turtle. Look at who he dated seriously throughout the series (by name of actress):

  • Meagan Good
  • Jamie-Lynn Sigler
  • Dania Rodriguez
  • Ronda Rousey? (you’ll have to watch the movie to find out)

Two of the biggest qualities women look for in men, especially as they get older are loyalty and ambition. Have things in your life you are loyal to and are passionately willing to go after, and you’ll immediately be seen as more attractive. This is the kind of thing you can portray through conversation — so yes, even you “nice guys” have a shot.

We'll conclude the last part of the series with the most popular character of the show, Ari Gold.