How Much Do Looks Affect Your Success With Women

You hear some experts say your looks have no connection with your success with women.

I’m sorry to burst their bubble but they’re wrong. Let’s take a look.

What does science say?

Many studies have shown qualities of attraction are completely different between men and women. Men are attracted to a woman’s physical qualities, while women are to a man’s behavioral qualities.

Where does biology play a role?

When we go back to more primitive times, in a very dangerous world, it was important for a woman to be with a strong, physically capable man to feel secure and have children. Usually that person was the leader of their “tribe.” 

In that same breath, the weaker, less alpha, “nice guys” -- whatever you’d like to call them -- weren’t considered fit for the part, and unfortunately, weeded out within the “tribe.”

Notice how it wasn’t about looks for women -- they needed a man who was masculine and powerful. Today, those “nice guys” don’t have to be so “alpha,” or even a leader of their “tribe.” One could go as far to say the “nice guys” are the more perfect partners. 

Unfortunately, our brains are the most outdated organ in our body and we still carry over thought processes that date back thousands of years ago. As a result, women still instinctively desire a more masculine guy, which is something they can’t necessarily help.

But YOU can.

Why is this important?

Because unlike guys, women don’t care about physical looks -- they’re more interested in how men behave. However, it’s much easier to fix looks than behavior, which is why many people will focus on that.

“Unlike guys, women don't care about physical looks.

They're more interested in how men behave ” Tweet this.

I’ll state here it’s important to take care of the easy stuff (clothes, personal hygiene, and fitness) because it’s easy. There’s really no excuse and it can destroy any chances for success if you don’t have those things in order.

But even though your behavior is more difficult to work on, it’s even more important and the deciding factor in your ability to attract quality women.

What do James Dean, Bruce Lee, James Bond, and Tom Cruise have in common? It’s certainly not physical looks. They all behave in a way that reeks of confidence -- and in some cases, a subtle arrogance. It’s a “fearless” mindset most of us would kill for.

How do you do change your behavior?

We invest our time and money in things that won’t directly get you the results you’re looking for -- clothes, gym memberships, etc.. While those things do help a little and are good for your emotional state, it’s important to understand those things have little overall effect on your ability to attract women.

I personally have spent hundreds of hours watching many of the guys mentioned above for examples of projecting rock-solid confidence. Their movements, reactions, posture, eye contact are all things that can improve your masculine behavior and ability to attract women.

Remember, it’s never been about looks. It’s all about your behavior.