The Afterglow


Hey, now.Partnering with Durex last week was a lot of fun.

Although Twitter decided to have it’s biggest outage in its history, the “Sexfluencers” (Health, Love, and Sex editor at BlogHer, A.V. Flox; dating blogger Miss Taylor Cast and my fiancée, Laurie) and I had an awesome Twitter party answering your questions about all things sex and over-sharing in the social web.

In true Wingman style, I helped set the mood during the outages with some “sexytime” music. I kicked off with Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” which was chosen using Durex’s song generator as me and Laurie’s love-making tune.

Later that night, we partied it up in NYC -- see the Kiss Cam, filled with condoms, ladies and the celebs that rocked the house (Ice T!). 

And, I also got to try out their latest products that were designed to keep you in sync with your partner, in my case, my fiancée.

Apparently for some people, climaxing at the same time is the holy grail of sex -- and it’s rarer than getting struck by lightning. Personally, although it’s awesome, it’s not the end all.

“Climaxing at the same time is the holy grail of sex and

it’s rarer than getting struck by lightning.” Tweet this.

The most important thing is both partners get off in the experience. The worst feeling in the world is knowing your partner reached the mountain top and is finished, while you’re still looking to make your way up.

Having said that, I’d like to share my personal opinions of the products I got to “test” over the weekend. I love my life.

Avanti Bare Condom

I will preface by saying I’ve been using Durex condoms since I started having sex at 16 -- sorry mum. Prior to this weekend, my go-to was the “Extra Sensitive,” which are 20% thinner than the standard condom and the most reliable.

But the “bare” blows it out of the water. It’s even thinner -- you practically don’t even realize you have it on -- and fits just the same, if not better, than others I’m used.

I will warn you though, this type of condom should be used by guys who can control their climax or need the added sensitivity to climax quicker. It can be easy to lose yourself in the sensations.

Needless to say, this condom has taken permanent space in my nightstand drawer.

Performax Intense Condom

This one is specifically designed to “slow me down” and “speed her up.” I was skeptical at first because I didn’t feel the need for something to help my control.  But as it pertains to helping partners get closer to climaxing in sync, I totally understand the need for it.

On the outside of the condom there’s a ribbed and dotted texture with a lubricant to enhance her sensations and speed her up. On the inside, there is a lubricant specifically designed to activate heat, which is designed to slow guys down so they can last longer.

For some guys, the heat will be an issue. Depending on your body, the heat will almost feel like you’re “numb,” which defeats the purpose of being able to feel her. With that said, I’d definitely recommend this to guys who are having a hard time in the “endurance” department because this WILL help prolong your performance.

Ring of Bliss

In our Google+ Hangout during the party, this was referred to as “The Decimator.”

"In our Google+ Hangout, this was referred to as 'The Decimator.'" Tweet this.

I won’t lie to you; hen you first see this thing, it looks scary and like it could hurt someone. But let me say, if you ever want to drive a woman crazy and have her wanting you, USE THIS.

It’s very small in size, easily fitting in the palm of your hand, and runs for approximately 20 minutes on a AAA battery. It’s waterproof and has an easy on/off switch, which is perfect when you want to change the pace -- and keep her guessing.

The beauty of this ring is you can use it however you’d like and it’s versatility is probably the biggest benefit. If you’re looking to introduce something different into your sexual experience, this is the perfect item for both of you. She’ll thank you for it.

Bigger than dating advice, sex is the one of the most sought after topics. People  look for answers and ways to become a better partner whether you’re inexperienced or comfortable in your own skin.

Durex took some time to find out what people really want in their sex lives. Check out the infographic below.

Screen Shot 2012-06-25 at 6.29.45 PM.png

I’ll be choosing a winner in the next couple of days, so be sure to comment or tweet to get your entry in using the links above. If there are questions you have on sex, don’t hesitate to ask here. We’re not shy.