Wednesday Wisdom: How to Give Value in Every Interaction

Every Wednesday I will share a thought, message or quote that will be not only applicable in your dating life but also every other aspect of your life.

This message is an update from a post I wrote over two years ago from Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

“Only go for Win/Win. You should want to win but you should also want the other person to win. You wouldn’t want to get your way and have the other person not feel good about it, because down the road it would eventually come back and create resentment. On the other hand, believe the other person wouldn’t feel good if they got their way and you gave in. Work for a Win/Win. Really hammer it out. And if you two can’t figure ‘it’ out, then agree to not decide on ‘it’ at all. It would be better not to decide than to live with a decision that wasn’t right for the both of you. Maybe another time in the future, you two might be able to get together and work ‘it’ out.”