Discipline of Dating: Introducing the Best Free Series on Dating EVER


Are you willing to invest the time needed to do this with ease?

2011 is coming to an end, whether we like it or not. We, here at The Professional Wingman are making a lot of changes and VERY excited about 2012 -- and you should be too.

First, I want to thank everyone who took the survey we sent out last week. It showed me a lot of insight on what my readers are thinking as they come to the site.

I want this site to be the best. Not just at giving you free stuff but better stuff that other coaches or dating sites will make you pay money for.

Only the best from here, forward.

After doing our first Confidence Unchained event and seeing the impact we had on the guys who attended, it has inspired me more to help as many people as possible build the confidence to do whatever they damn well please.

Whether it’s to find someone to date or marry, get a new job or improve their current one, live a healthier lifestyle or have quality people in their life, this WILL be the place to get you to take action -- and get results.

Through my years of coaching men and women to meet and attract the person they want a long-term relationship with, I’ve broken down the process of how someone can go from “undateable” to highly eligible.

There’s a lot of “what to do” and “what not to do” type of advice out there (including here on this blog), but nobody is talking about an authentic system for how to really develop your confidence and action plan for dating success that doesn’t include pickup lines.

For those who aren’t sure how we work with our clients, this series will answer every question in detail.

Since we work with mostly guys (about 75%), I will be writing with men in mind. Women are still encouraged to read, as they will get lots out of this.

What makes a man “eligible?”

Is it what he says? Is it how he dresses? Is it how good-looking he is? Does a woman define a man? Or can a man define himself?

How is it that a guy can come off as attractive and have women gravitate to him, while another, replicating the same moves, comes of as needy and awkward?

How can guys follow all of the “rules” to a tee yet still fail, while others can break all of those same “rules” and still have women love them?

These are just a few examples of questions I get from clients (and you probably think about) when it comes to dating.

Based on what we see in movies, books, past experiences, other media, etc., dating seems to be full of rules, systems, intricacies and constant contradictions.

This is because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to dating. Some people call dating an art form. I wouldn’t disagree but on that point, my replication of a Van Gogh painting will be different than yours -- and the original.

It’s all about taking your personality and DNA -- and bringing out the best for people to experience, enjoy and become attracted to.

It’s not about a set of rules some coaches will tell you follow. Chances are they don’t (or can’t!) follow those rules themselves.

Not your typical dating guide

The majority of dating advice out there is about what you can fix externally and mechanically (i.e., gestures, scripts, touching).

Most of you may ask, “Well, isn’t that the point?”

Yes -- and no. It’s actually a small part of it. You can read tips and tricks on what to say to a woman, or what to wear to attract a specific type of woman, but with the larger goal of getting into a long-term relationship, these bits of advice become useless in perspective.

To give an example, at our Confidence Unchained event, out of the 20+ hours of working with these guys, about 3 of those hours ACTUALLY focused on women.

This series will take a very similar approach by giving you a system that will bring to light the most authentic version of yourself by working internally.

Real-time exercises for lasting change

In the same way you can’t make more money by reading a bunch of business books, just reading this content will NOT help you. And if you plan on ONLY reading, don’t waste my or your time and go read something else.

This series is not meant to just be read. It was strictly designed to teach you the much harder, the more demanding discipline of totally transforming your dating life from inside-out.

If you want to complain and tell me, “I don’t have time for this,” or “dating is like having another job,” I don’t want to hear it. Enjoy staying single.

Most of you invested (or are investing) time in school to get a job -- where you are now investing your TIME for money, something you apparently NEED. 

If you feel you NEED to have this part of your life “figured out,” you’ll need to invest. It’s as simple as that.

I will give you an action guide with straightforward and high-return exercises for you to go in the trenches with. Many of these exercises are the very exercises given to our clients to dramatically improve their dating lives!

In other words, if you do the exercises, we guarantee you will see some significant results. And at the end of the day, that’s what we’re all here for. RESULTS.

Like I mentioned before, you’l only get out what you put in.

The Wingman Model

For the first time EVER, I am releasing my Wingman Model, which is the core of the “Discipline of Dating.”

Molded over thousands of hours of in-person strategic coaching, it’s The Professional Wingman’s proven system for building the ideal dating lifestyle unique to the individual. 

The Wingman Model breaks down the dating development process into five stages:

Stage 1: Knowing Who You Are

This the foundation of your dating development. A highly attractive man can only come from having clarity in who you are and being unapologetic of your existence.

Every exercise in this state is designed to truly bring out your personality and DNA without being in your head and only focusing on what’s going on in your body during various experiences with women.

Understanding yourself (in dating) is like learning a new language (in this case, relearning) and in this stage, you are creating the building blocks of who you are that will be implemented in the subsequent stages.

This will be integral when it comes to being honest and authentic with yourself and others.

Stage 2: Modeling: Replicating What Works

In this stage, you are now learning the “language of love” through being a copy cat. Through a series of exercises, we’ll guide you through the art of copying dating success from people you know -- and don’t know. 

As you get deeper into this stage, you’ll begin to see patterns of what works with women and doesn’t work, while staying in each experience and not in your head (read: overanalyzing).

Stage 3: Figuring Out YOUR System

Once imitation of other dating successes leads you to find patterns of your own success, you’re ready to work on developing your experience and competence.

In this stage, you’ll go deep into the fundamentals of communication -- such as discovering what makes men attractive.

As you have clear understanding of how attraction works at its basic form, you’ll begin to develop your own way of attracting women.

Stage 4: Mastery: Owning YOUR System

This is the stage of aptitude. Not only do you have a complete hold of all the basic concepts behind being attractive, but also understand how to communicate with women. In this final stage, “breaking the rules,” will be all you’ll do.

Eventually, this stage will reach it’s culmination when you’re able to meet, attract and develop a long-term relationship with someone YOU CHOOSE.

Stage 5: Contribution

This stage is the ultimate stage. Not only are you having a long-lasting relationship with a woman, but you are able to help others get the same.

Contribution is a means of fulfillment, as highlighted by Tony Robbins’ explanation of basic human needs.

I ask clients why they choose to work with me than someone else. Most will say I am a product of my own service. If I can help myself, then I am at a mental and emotional capacity to help others.

I imagine most dating coaches and other people are single because they choose not to  (or can’t) use their product on themselves and would rather “distract” themselves by helping others as a way to fill the void of their own inability to be fulfilled.

But that’s just a story I make up in my head.

We’ve included benchmarks at the end of each stage to help you gauge whether you’re ready for the next stage.

As you read this, you may find you’re already at a later stage. Honesty is key here.

Without proper understanding and completion of each level, you’ll find yourself in a world of frustration, confusion and hurt.

That’s why we have all of our clients go through the entire process from the very beginning, even if they think they’re a stage 4.

Starting tomorrow, you’ll see a part of the series go up every week, giving you time to read, process and implement what you’re learning. However, understand it can take anywhere between weeks and years to go through all 5 stages successfully.

If you have questions, please feel free to leave them in comments or send an email to us directly here.

Otherwise, get started with Stage 1: Knowing Yourself.