Wingtips Are Back Next Week

It’s been a little quiet here and that’s because we’re working on making the all-around “Wingman Experience” as awesome as possible. Starting next week, Wingtips will be back for a new season of tips, tricks and lessons in the dating world.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, there will be a new topic and many tips to share with you. You’ll notice the videos are more detailed and will give you action items to have better success. So you might be thinking,

“Don’t you usually do a tip everyday? Why now just two days a week?”

For the amount of quality tips I’ll be shelling out, it only makes sense to lower the frequency for right now. But that doesn’t mean the site will be quiet Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

That’s where you come in.

I love sharing tips with friends, family and even strangers alike. Here’s your chance to ask a question and get it answered, right here in bonus video! There are three ways you can do it:


Follow me on Twitter, then type “@URwingman” and ask your question.


Like our Facebook page and you can post the question on the wall.


If 140 characters isn’t enough for you, you can submit a longer question here. And unlike the previous two options, you can ask anonymously here.

All questions will be answered but the best questions will be answered in a bonus video. It really can’t get any better than that.

Enjoy the weekend!