AXE Music Sets the Tone for the Mating Game


I received a lovely package from the peeps over at AXE, introducing their new line called AXE Music (thank you!). Part of their promoting is having exclusive VIP access to "One Night Only" events in different cities. I missed out on a chance to see T.I. in what ended up being an amazing concert in NYC (this site is SICK, by the way). You never hear me talk about scent and dating here much, but if you don't know by now, it is VERY important when it comes to meeting women. Here's AXE's take on it all and why they created AXE Music:

Just ask any guy or girl, from hook-ups to breakups and everything in between, relationships are often told through and influenced by music. In fact, 85 of the top 100 most downloaded songs are about the opposite sex. (iTunes 2/10)

The summer, AXE, the leader in men's grooming, introduces AXE Music: a unique product line that gives guys an edge in the mating game by unlocking exclusive experiences and content from popular bands and artists.

The AXE Music "One Night Only" concert series will visit U.S. cities across the country, giving guys and girls access to incredible shows filled with unexpected surprises. In order to keep the surprise an actual surprise, concert dates, venue locations and artists are being kept under wraps!

Visit now to hear from top artists, go backstage and win rockstar prizes, including VIP tickets.

Now if you excuse me, I have a shower to take.

For the purpose of transparency, AXE is a sponsor of The Professional Wingman.