When You Meet Someone Who’s Taken But "Looking"

We’ve all met them. The woman who has a boyfriend but still kind of seems like she’s still looking. They can quoted best as saying, "it's complicated." I personally believe you shouldn’t waste your time with these women but if you choose to, understand what she may be thinking. It will most likely be one of the following:

“I’m looking for something better (tonight).” Maybe things at home with her boyfriend/husband are terrible and she’s at the point where she COULD cheat. She’ll make it known and if you play your cards right, chances are, she’s yours for the night. Expect to enjoy yourself and have a good night. The next morning, that may be it. She may just have wanted to have her fix and move on.

“I’m looking for something on the side.” Basically, she wants another relationship that fulfills the needs her other relationship isn’t. You will always be second fiddle and she’ll never allow you to pull a coup d’amour. So she’ll have her cake and eat it too.

“I’m looking for an ego boost.” She may seem like she’s showing interest but it’s all false flirting. She’s using you to boost her ego and make her feel desirable. Maybe her boyfriend/husband hasn’t given her enough attention so she’s wondering what’s going on. She’ll go out and “test the waters.” She will never make a physical move but she’ll keep dangling the carrot in front of you (saying anything to keep you thinking you have a chance), knowing you’ll reach for it. Expect to spend the whole night with her and still leave empty-handed wondering what went wrong.

These kinds of women are VERY unhealthy and nothing but trouble can come from them. If women are reading this, the same goes for a guy who’s taken but looking. There are SO many other people that are available and looking. Don’t get sucked in the desire of wanting something you can’t have. You know where that road leads you.

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