Get Stains Out of Shirts Quickly

I came across this blog post by Blank Label (written by Youmi Park). Their information is very basic yet easy to ignore. I have always said that it's the little things that make the difference. I am posting the full post here but you can check out the original blog post here.

So say you’re out meeting a date, meeting the boss, meeting the parents, meeting and greeting anyone and everyone. Whilst your meeting, you take swigs of red wine, slurps of marinara pasta, bump in to greasy mechanics, and by the time you realize low and behold there is a stain on your beautiful dress shirt.

If you noticed, other people will too and let me tell you men, there is nothing more sloppy or cheapening than a giant stain on an otherwise nice shirt. No one wants a big child around that can’t keep his food in his mouth or his hands to himself, and that’s the vibe you send out.

Therefore, when in times of desperation run, sprint to these 6 tips on how to get stains out of your shirts (quick!):

1. Use Sprite: While your date or engagement is away, order some Sprite or other clear, carbonated beverage and use that to dab away at your shirt’s stain. The bubbles have the same microscopic scrubbing effect as soap! Especially effective for coffee stains!
2. Warm Water and Dryer: Excuse yourself to the bathroom and wet the stained area with warm water. Remember to blot, not scrub. Then, dry the wet shirt with the dryer in the bathroom.
3. Soap: Self-explanatory. Still, do not forget to only dab!
4. Shampoo: If you are at your home, girlfriend/boyfriend’s, or at any sort of house party, make yourself to the bathroom and find some shampoo. This product works miracles on sweat stains and oil/ grease stains.
5. Vinegar and Warm Water: If you’re bold enough to ask for vinegar in a restaurant, use this to dab off red wine stains. It’ll probably be worth the strange look you get from the waiter. What does he know?
6. Put on Your Jacket: I don’t care how hot it is, if you have a jacket and a stain, the stain should be covered at any cost. Sacrifices, men. Sacrifices.

When you make a spill, make sure you notice before the person you are facing lifts her/his eyebrows and lets you know. No matter what, you should probably excuse yourself smoothly to the bathroom and examine the damage, then apply the techniques.

For another easy way to get stains out of shirts quickly, use Tide-To-Go or a bleach pen. Trust me, these are my saving graces and the only reason people can bear being with me.

But seriously, stains are a sign of carelessness and say you are a slovenly person that doesn’t really care about the occasion you are attending, even if you do feel it’s important.

So take care first, to try not spilling and if you do, (because we all do) take the right measures to make your shirt stains disappear. Then afterwards, take it out to the dry cleaners for proper cleaning so you can wear that shirt for a long time. So fresh and so clean, clean.

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