Preview of Vinalia (A BYFAD Bar)

Address: 34 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02110


Best Nights: TBD – Thursday evening looked pretty good

Who Goes There: Young and older professionals. Good mix of men and women. Mostly groups.

Cost: $$

Special: None

BYFAD Bar: Yes – Get your BYFAD Card now!

I rarely get a chance to venture out to the depths of downtown Boston to see the more interesting places. When I have, it’s been pretty fun, thanks to recommendations from other friends and some old school snooping around. Vinalia happened to be one of those places that was recommended by a couple friends but no one was able to tell me their true impression of the place. So, I went there myself. I must say, this place seems to be pretty cool.

Now because of the location of being downtown and little further from my place than I would like, I may not get too many chances to go there. But when I walked in, I loved the layout of the bar. Although it’s a small bar in size, it doesn’t pretend to be bigger than it really is, compared to other bars. The beer menu is surprisingly inexpensive and they have a decent wine list. When I went there, it seems like a lot of people were there after work, which is similar to Tia’s, exceptt I don’t think that many people know about this place.

It is a restaurant so most of the space is dedicated to that, but this place could be a fun place to hang out after work or before starting a night downtown.

I’ll look into this place more and give a full review when I go there again.

If you have any questions about the place, feel free to check out their site:

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