Changes and Announcements Coming after July 4th Weekend

It's been a crazy few weeks as I have been all over the place doing things concerning The Professional Wingman and my life as a whole. As I type this post, I am in one of my best friends' apartment in the Upper West Side of NYC. There is a lot of stuff I have planned in the future and I am seeking professional advice from some important people in my life and other really cool people.

After this weekend, I will have some really awesome stuff in-store for everyone as I continue to push this blog and The Professional Wingman to it's limit. I am still availabile for consulting, in NYC as well as Boston so if you'd like to contact me, you can just email me or contact me through Twitter, as I will be changing the way I run TPW in the near future.

I'm excited about these changes and you should be too! Change in this world is a good thing.

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