A Quick Refresh on How to Be A Gentleman

I found this article on AskMen and I thought to myself, "this is perfect. If guys can start being conscious of these things more (including myself), we'll be well on our way to fulfilling the campaign for the Year of the Gentleman."

Well, I didn't think that exactly, but I thought it would a great article for men to read on how to better treat a woman. Most of the actions may seem little. Believe me when I say this, women notice them. Almost ALL of them.

So here is the article, but I am going to put this list down here.

#10 walk on the outside (of the sidewalk)
#9 let her sit down first
#8 watch your language
#7 carry the umbrella
#6 walk/drive her home
#5 offer your jacket
#4 offer your seat
#3 turn off your phone @ THE TABLE (preferably in front of her)
#2 introduce her
#1 hold (open) the door

I could elaborate on these but AskMen does a good job with that.

Are there others that should be added?

One thing that I'd like someone to counter with is proper gestures of a woman. Only because I can not stand when a woman using her phone while on a date and it's like they either don't care or aren't aware of it. It's just not acceptable. So great after that rant, I just started it off.

#1 turn off your phone in front of him

Any more?

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