Is This What You Look For in the Opposite Sex?

In my series this week about relationships, what we want in the opposite sex and other topics, I am going to write a response post to the lovely lisaq from 20-Forty.

The topic: What Single Women Really Want in a Man.

I am going to make an itemized list of what women really want in a man, based on her post.

A man of substance
Knows who/what he is
Loves himself (in spite of/because of)
Knows who/what she is
Loves her in spite of/because of
A compliment to their own person
Is real
Has goals
Cares who she is

And it’s NOT about:

What you have
What you drive
Where you live

I make this itemized list because I feel guys find it easier to see a list than just words mixed in together with emotion. Guys tend to just see the emotion and are not able to focus to really see what is being said. I personally LOVE the passion being projected through her post as it’s clearly obvious that this means a lot to her and many other women out there as well. As a guy, I can connect to that because it’s telling me that she’s not afraid to be vocal about what she wants and if any guy is smart, they would realize that she possesses a quality that most guys should look for in a woman.

I could go into detail about each of these, and maybe some day I will if there is enough demand but I want you to think about the next statement for a while.

What they are asking of you is exactly what you are (should be) asking of them.

I would have to find the article when I said this, maybe it was in one of the posts I put up earlier this week (here’s Monday’s and Wednesday’s), but I remember mentioning the fact that most guys act on physical attraction more often than women do when approving someone to be a potential mate. Most women will give any decent-looking guy a chance and get to know them more because to these women, what the guy has to offer is much more important to them. And what you have to offer has nothing to do with what you drive, where you live and how big your money stack is.

When it comes down to it, do you have the passion, energy, attitude, ambition, togetherness, integrity and authenticity to make someone want to be a part of your life? For the women who read my blog, I want you to ask yourself the same question. Because I will be honest. I am fortunate enough to be able to meet beautiful women every day. At this point, beauty doesn’t win any points for you. There needs to be something more for me to really want you – for me to actually want to go out of my way to court you – and yes, I did say court. As most know, my number one thing is passion.

But as women make these demands, I can only hope that they can look at this list too and say to themselves, “yup, I got these on lock.” Because we are looking for the same things as well.

Or at least I am.

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