The Wingman Labs: The Wingman Code of Ethics

This should be handed out to all of your closest friends to ensure the night to be a successful one.

I won’t allow my wingman to go home with a less than attractive woman.

I will rotate buying rounds of drinks with my wingman for as long as he is fulfilling his duties.

I will never steal a woman from my wingman, no matter how amazingly hot she is.

I vow to never leave my wingman behind under any circumstances, period.

If my wingman meets a hot woman and she has a less than flattering friend, I will take one for the team.

If a woman rejects my wingman, I shall explicitly agree that she wasn’t a catch anyway, even if there was a slight chance of her seeming cool and interesting.

Should my wingman happen to talk with a woman whose legal age is of question, I will do whatever it takes to verify said age.

If there is even an inkling of a chance that the woman my wingman is talking to is in a relationship, I will make that intel available to him.

I will always honor and respect the dibs system.

*for entertainment purposes only

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