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Taking one for the team.

This is a story that I am proud of because I like when I can actually help friends out when I can. Now, I can honestly say that none of my friends expect me to do anything for them considering what I do. The only expectation they may have is to be a friend for them, especially in a time of need.

I just happen to be a great friend.

When I’m out with my buddies, if I notice that two people are expressing body language to each other that indicates interest and one of them happens to be my friend, I will do what it takes to get them together, no matter the circumstance. Who are you two fooling? Just get together already, right? Well, sometimes it’s not that easy. Sometimes, there are “obstacles.” These obstacles can be anything from distance and timing to other limiting situations that difficult to handle on your own. This particular one was in the form of other people – physically being in the way.

In order to get my friend talking to the girl, I had to create friends out of all of her friends that were around her and allow my buddy to get to know her. Honestly, it can just be a matter of placing two people in front of each other and the rest can take care of itself (if you have faith in your friend). But it can be tough because there is so much that goes on in a bar. People can split into groups, branch off, leave and try to interrupt my friend (especially those who are also interested in the girl…or him) or they could just not like me and want to get away from me, which would hurt the credibility of my friend and his chances with the girl as well. Fortunately, I was able to make friends with all of them. They actually ended up being really cool people and I spent the majority of my night with them. The only issue I had was that over the course of the night, there were a couple guys who were trying to hit on her.

I couldn’t let that happen.

Long story short, I befriended these guys and actually got them into a very long and engaging conversation about pairing wine with various foods that I loved, such as cheeseburgers, different pizzas and buffalo wings (my expertise). Although it took away over an hour of my night, my buddy and his lady friend were able to hit it off and connect.

Worth it every time in my eyes.

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