Do You Know the Dating Solution?

The Dating Solution by Mark Manson (review)

When I found out that I was going to see and meet Mark Manson a couple of weeks ago, I was pretty excited about seeing a pick up artist teach his material in-person. I have hours and hours of videos of these guys but there is something about seeing them in person that I think is more engaging. At the same time, this gave me a chance to see how pick up artists vary in terms of how and what they teach and more importantly, what they truly believe in.

The great thing about Mark Manson is that although he would consider himself a pick up artist, he teaches principles that any guy can adopt without having to drastically change who they are. He teaches this and much more in his book, the Dating Solution.

The book is divided into several parts, helping you work on yourself from the inside out. Topics include:

Upgrading Your Lifestyle – in every aspect possible
Learning Where and How to Meet Women
Understanding How to Connect with Women – how to create great conversation
Creating Attraction and Flirting
Getting Phone Numbers and Dates (phone and text conversations too)
Understanding the Point of Physical Escalation

This book is set up so well. Practice is the key here and Mark does a good job of providing an “Action Plan” at the end of every chapter so that you can work on every element of your improvement as you read along.

One of the more interesting things that I learned from this book is the concept of passive and active attraction. Understanding this will give you a tremendous advantage over other guys. Believe me, the concept here is golden.

There are no pickup lines here – just real conversations and the great thing is that he analyses the conversations so that you can understand and start to develop a feel for what you need to do to generate that attraction. On the flipside, he also uses “what-not-to-do” examples to better understand what you may be doing wrong and what’s so wrong about it. Not many books do this.

Everything here is completely natural and all he asks of you – like we all do – is to push your comfort zone a little and have some fun. The benefits will be huge.

I highly recommend this book. Plus, the fact that he’s from Boston makes him an even cooler guy.

If you want to get his book, check out his site, the Dating Solution. When you make the order, let Mark know I sent you and he’ll hook you up!

You can check out his blog here. It’s a good source for some quick and useful information about pickup.

He also does bootcamps and coaching sessions as well and you can find out more about his company and how you can get 1:1 consulting at Practical Pickup.

Put down that nonsense you’re reading and grab this book. If used properly, it’ll be worth more than you could possibly imagine.

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