Meet Raffaella Fico. That'll Cost You $1.5 Million.

As If I didn’t see this happening.

So look who is also deciding to sell her virginity.

Meet Raffaella Fico.

A gorgeous 20-year old Italian is selling her v-card for the sum of 1 million euros. Yeah, that’s right. 1 million euros. With our crappy economy and currency exchange, that is about $1.5 million US. What does she want to use the money for? You know, the usual. She wants to buy a house and take acting lessons (she was on the Italian version of Big Brother’s last season, so she has aspirations).

In a short word, ridonculous.

I found what Natalie Dylan was doing pretty crazy but at least her money is going to education and college debt. This one just wants money. I mean, think about this. Do you know the kind of life one can have with $1.5 million? I’m pretty sure I could get plenty of 20-year-old Italian virgins with my beachfront property alone without having to buy their v-cards from them.

In a time where money is scarce, this would be the equivalent of purchasing a Ford Edsel.

Credit the picture from Lance’s post about this same topic.