The Club Game Isn’t Reality and That’s a Good Thing

Think about it. Is there any other place on this planet that resembles a club-like atmosphere like a club does? Where woman flock to hang out, have drinks, party and lose their inhibitions? The club has a very close similarity to a video game. There are plenty of players, obstacles and certainly plenty of levels. What’s also so great is that a reset button does exist. The clubs are so far from reality as possible. You think these women dress and act like this all the time?

When you are in a club and an interaction doesn’t go as planned, you can always leave the interaction and go start a new one. The odds that you will see this person again outside of the venue are so slim. Plus, it is also likely that these women are approached more at a club than anywhere else. She won’t remember you. So don’t worry. If you mess up, she’s already forgotten about it. You just need to forget it.

I think clubs and bars are the best place to at least try and talk to women. You will get the most rejections and the most successes early on. There will always be a concentrated about of women of all different types. You don’t have to travel far to talk to different women and there are so many people around engrossed in their own world that you don’t have to worry about people listening in on your conversation. It’s also the hardest way to meet and attract women. When women are out looking their best, they expect to be approached by the best. It’s like the Ivy League of game. You won’t even make it to the interview if your first impression is sub-par.

I personally am not a fan of clubs. There are too many things going on in the atmosphere, like loud music, boyfriends, cock-blocks (also referred to as Mother Hens) and tight spaces; and I don’t feel like fighting through them when I can approach many girls in other venues much more easily. But that doesn’t mean that when I do actually go to clubs that I am a wallflower. Here is something that I do when I decide to go out with friends to clubs.

If I know that this place is going to have loud music, it’s going to be hard to generate conversation inside so what I will do is hang out outside of the club and talk to people. Just because they’re hanging outside doesn’t mean that they necessarily smoke, guys.

Just go out and have conversation like you would any other place. Talk to the bouncer, people going into the club and people coming out of the club. Nothing serious, just playful chatter. Remember, everyone here is here to have a good time. Every so often, you will have a good interaction with a few ladies. If you want, you can play a name game with them so that every time they see you, they have to scream your name or else they buy you a drink – and vice versa, of course. Just enjoy the interaction.

If things go well, when you walk back into the club, you will have different people and different places seeing you and wanting to talk to you. If you played the game, you’ll have women screaming your name and looking to hang out with you. If that’s not the definition of social proof then I don’t know what is. As a bonus, if they thought you were cool, you could go over to any group and they will automatically be open because one person in the group already knows you and approves.

These tips will make club game much easier and enjoyable for you. Go out and have some fun!