A Rejection Success Story

I’ve been reading all over the web of people sharing their rejection stories. I figured I might as well post mine and explain how being rejected is the best thing in the world.

I know it’s going to happen. Not every woman is going to click with you. They might be having a bad day. Or they legitimately have a boyfriend that they are faithful to. Maybe they just aren’t in the mood for that kind of thing for the day (or night). It’s cool to be optimistic and I believe that you should feel as though you can get every woman you want. You should and you can! Sometimes, it just isn’t at that moment.

But the cool thing is once you get the initial rejection out of the way, you already know what it is like and it can only get better from that point. Just get it over with and move on. Sometimes, I’ll purposely get blown out of a set just so I can get the first rejection over with and then go on with the night. It’s great what could happen afterwards. Which leads to my story.

So the other night, I went to a dance party. The DJ was ok. He was playing a lot of salsa music, which was fine with me because I know how to salsa a little bit (thanks to Mr. Luis and his Calculus-turned-into-Salsa class). There a few good looking girls there between the ages of 20 and 22. So as I’m just hanging out, my buddy comes to me and says, “Hey, let’s go talk to those girls over there in the corner.” Without hesitation, I said, “Sure.”

I turn around and I see two pretty ok looking girls by one of the speakers. One of them was texting on her phone and the other was just looking around. My buddy goes to the one farther from us so that I can approach the one that was closer, since I was positioned behind him.

I walked up, smiled and said, “What’s –“

Yeah, you read that right. I barely got a word off and the woman put her hand up and walked over behind her friend as my buddy was talking to her. She almost had that frightened look on her face. I immediately thought it was funny and started laughing. So I turned around and faced the other direction while my buddy finished his conversation that was going nowhere fast.

So originally, my thinking used to be, “Wow, is that how the night is going to be?” These days, it’s, “Where’s the hottest girl here?” So I actually didn’t find her but I did find someone that I thought was worth approaching. But before I could say a word, she approached me.

“Hey! I saw you over there talking to those girls. Do you know them? Who are you with?”

I answered briefly and truthfully.

“That’s cool. What’s your name?”

I asked for her name and she complied.

“I like that name. You wanna dance?”

So, before I said yes, I grabbed her hand and told her, “Come with me.”

I proceeded to walk her to the middle of the floor, clearly with the girl who rejected me in sight. We danced and it was fun. There was some groping but fortunately for her, it wasn’t on my part. That went on for about 10 minutes. We talked briefly but it was playful chatter. We parted ways and I went to find my buddy who was having is own success, in the form of being in the middle of a dance circle surrounded by women.

Later on that night as we were leaving, the girl who rejected me came up to me and asked me where I was going. I inevitably told her what we all would say in that situation.

“Home. Want to come?”

Apparently that was the funniest thing I could have said to her as she exploded laughing. I kept walking off as she was trying to still talk to me but fortunately, her friends got her attention.

So the simple moral of the story is this. You can get a pretty bad blowout. And then get a really great success. So much that the person who rejected may even regret it. Don’t take it personal and don’t let it get to you. She doesn’t know you and you don’t know her well enough to let it impact your life. Just stick to your instincts and have fun. Which is really the point of this entire thing. Having fun!

Go out there and get it over with!