The Top 5 Attractive Attributes

So today I was doing my daily reading and came across a guy named Soul. His blog, Life With Soul has only been up for a couple of days but his post on Day Game is very, very good and worth reading. One of the things that he points out is that there are universally attractive attributes that you can convey to build attraction without telling too much about yourself. I say, in ALL of your interactions, it is important to put your best foot forward and create attraction – or better yet, a sense of liking from people, no matter what the scenario. In this case, for women, these are the top five attributes you should convey at all times:

Passion. You have to love what you do. If don’t have that burning passion for anything then you’ll never be able to attain that high level of energy that is associated with passion. Like I said before, even if you are passion about video games and it’s meaningful to you, convey that! Let no one shut or talk you down because you are passionate about something they are not interested. If you show enough true passion, people in turn, will respect it. Just imagine if you find someone who has a similar passion. Can you imagine the connection that is created just through that?

Ambition. Know what you want to do. Set goals and have them clear. Bobby Rio from TSB Magazine wrote a really good article about setting goals that is worth checking out. Everyone loves someone with goals. Hey, I tell people that I am going to own my own video game company. Some laugh and others think it’s cool. Either way, it will happen. Women love men who know what they want.

Determination. This can also be tied to perseverance and persistence. If you have clear goals set and know what you want to accomplish, NOTHING should stop you. Sure, there may be something that will come up that will distract you or claim that it’ll stop you. Disregard that. Like I said, whatever you set out to accomplish, it will happen, as long as you are persistent and overcome those annoying things we call obstacles. When it comes to dating, think Steve Urkel in Family Matters. After many, many seasons, he did finally get Laura. Or more recently, think about Owen Wilson in Wedding Crashers. He did some crazy stuff but he got it done.

Adventurousness. To some, this could mean being a bad boy. To others it could mean just being spontaneous. The only way to do this is for you to go out more and do things. Women love to know that you have a busy schedule. Because at that point, they wonder where they can fit in (which in turn increases your attractiveness), and also if they can ever join you in these adventures. That way, when you talk to people about the things that you’ve done recently, talking about your recent trip to Jamaica does not sound like you’re making up a routine. I can claim that because my family is from Jamaica and we go there all the time to visit family. And that’s where the last part comes in.

Integrity. Being honest and consistent is HUGE when it comes to dating. When you are true to yourself and to others, things tend to be so much more natural. Consistency is also a big deal. If you show the slightest sign of inconsistency, you will be blown out instantly. It’s not a big deal. Just stay true to yourself and your frame. Be congruent at all times – even if your lady friend is testing you. When it comes down to it, everyone has different ways to talking to women or building attraction. What is important is that you build yourself to be as congruent as possible. If you think you are a boring person (which you aren’t really) and you want to start making your life great, well work slowly and eventually you will have a fun-filled life on your terms. Eventually, you’ll be able to talk about that trip to Virginia Beach you went on recently and went on a drive-thru Christmas light show along the shore!

Of course, with all of this, you HAVE to remember. You should expect these things from other people as well. Don’t just go and make yourself into this great person without expecting others to have similar attributes as you. You want to see these qualities in other people as well, right? That will help you surround yourself with better quality people and for men, this will guarantee you finding great quality women for you to share these qualities with.