The Transformation Part 1 - Head

Now, like I stated before, I am NO fashion expert. In fact, I will admit that when I go out and buy clothes, I have someone that I take on as my personal assistant. She goes around and recommends me clothes and I try them on and if I feel good, then I’ll get them. Sometimes, she’ll let me go on my own and let me pick clothes. Sometimes, I’m on the money. Other times, I am absolutely helpless. But that will get better over time.

For this segment, I am not even going to talk about clothes. I am going to talk about what’s underneath the clothes. Your physical body.

Your body is what makes you, you – not your clothes. Your face is the first thing people will see. If you have crap all over it, chances are you’re not going to get the best reaction you are looking for. If your hair is a mess – same thing. If you’re noticeably out of shape, that’s not going to help your chances. This is the time you are going to tell yourself that I am going to put my best foot forward. And it’s going to be from head to toe. We’ll do this day-by-day so that this information doesn’t overwhelm you and you can take your time getting this together as this is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.


Hair: Do me a favor. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, “Does my hair look interesting?

If yes, now out go out and ask your friends, family and strangers – yes, strangers. If you don’t know by now, strangers are the most honest people on this planet.

If no, what I want you to do is go online and look at celebrity hairdos. I am not asking you to imitate them. But get an idea of what styles out there are cool.

Here is an article I found about hairstyles and head shape:

(site name)

I feel as though your hair is another opportunity to stand out. Before, my hair was always short.

Now, my hair is pretty long for what I’m used to. And EVERYONE loves it

Face: Now look at yourself in the mirror again. Does your face look like an orange? Do you have pimples? Zits? Bad acne?

Take care of it!

Don’t care what the excuse is, there are doctors out there called dermatologists that can help you look your best. If you are serious about looking good, then you’ll take the extra measures to make that happen – even if it means getting medical prescriptions.

Teeth: This is more a sensitive issue. Teeth, if not looking good, are very expensive to fix or improve. But you can do something about how clean they are. Yellow, coffee and soda-stained teeth are NOT going to cut it.

Brush as much as you can. Floss if you can handle it. Use mouthwash a lot. If you can find a gum that can help whiten teeth or make your breath smell better, use that. There is absolutely no excuse for bad breath! You can also use teeth whiteners, like Crest’s White Strips.

In the end, once these transformations are made, it’s important to maintain this every day. It’s said that it takes a little over 30 days of doing something to make it a habit. Get into this strong regimen of making your face look great. You WILL be noticed.

I will have a follow up to this post with more specific products and in the next installment; we will talk about the upper body.