Learning About Style in the Men's Room

I am getting more and more interested in fashion and making bold statements of my character through what I wear. I have reached the point where I am pretty much willing to try anything and everything. This is a great thing because if you're able to feel comfortable and confident in pretty much anything, your attraction will spike and your presence will be felt by anyone you come across.

Last week's show in the Men's Room introduced Marvi Artik, who is an image consultant in Montreal. He gives a good explanation about how image consulting is different than other types of personal consulting jobs out there (like, mine).

In this episode he talks about so many cool things such as:

What messages you are portraying with your clothes

Learning how to push your comfort zone when it comes to trying out clothes

How dressing appropriately can gives you an advantage in life

The basic necessities of any man's wardrobe

How to pick up on women noticing you

and much more...

Check it out and tell me what you think!