Allowing Unpredictability in Your Life to Meet People

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This post comes from Lance from Honey and Lance. I am going to post his spiel so you can see read what he is about. He’s a cool guy that talks a lot about life being a real guy. This article talks about how allowing yourself to randomize your life will lead you to meeting new people, which is what you want to do, right? Well, Lance talks about the wrong way to do it and the right way to do it. I’d pay more attention to the right way.

Lance is an aspiring social artist based in Orlando, Florida. His goal is to be a kickass dude, meet cool people, and generally dominate at everything. He enjoys sports, surfing, socializing, reading and writing. You can contact Lance via email here or online here.

Add Randomness To Your Life To Meet People

(Gemma Atkinson…Sweet Jesus!)

This post was inspired after reading Three Great Places to Meet Women on the Dad’s House blog. DM suggested three places that are, on paper, supposed to be goldmines for meeting singles (especially for guys): yoga, cooking class, and wine tasting class. He goes on to say that he struck out at all three times.

I think he’s on to something and I want to expand on it. I’ve done classes (yoga), groups (sports, writing), and other social functions with the express purpose of creating more opportunities to meet chicks. This has rarely worked out for me. Wow, how is that? I mean, hell, I even wrote a post about unique places to meet women, and some of these places were on the list.

The thing is, I think you’re setting yourself up for failure by taking a yoga class for the purpose of meeting girls. Take a yoga class because you like yoga. I love yoga, and I will continue to do it, but not to meet women. If a hottie happens to be in the class, then I’ll do my thing, but I’m not rocking up to the class looking for it. The universe kind of works that way. It’s stingy when you’re really looking for something and it’s generous when you least expect it.

Three points:

1. Always do stuff because you’re out to have fun and to have good experiences FIRST, meet girls second.

2. Just because you didn’t get a date doesn’t mean that you can’t socialize and make friends. I think this trips up a lot of guys looking for dates. They consider it a failure when they don’t get the number or a date out of it. Just make friends. Just be cool with everyone you come across, guys or girls. Extend your network. The bigger your network is, the more social opportunities come your way. You’re making an investment, and that investment will pay dividends eventually.

3. Add randomness to your life, or to put it another way, go to places you don’t normally go to and have no agenda and let the game come to you. Run your errands in the evening and stop by 2-3 places for the hell of it. Look for crowds and places that look energetic. Accept invitations to go out with groups that you don’t regularly hang with. Go to bars with friends even though you hate bars. Randomness happens in bars every hour of every night. That’s what you want.

Don’t sweat it if you don’t get the date, just keep going out and plugging away and eventually it will happen.

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