Am I A Pick Up Artist?

As I am on the awesome Bolt Bus headed to NYC for an event, I figured I would take the time to address something that has come up a lot over the past several weeks. Ever since I have started Project Infinity, I have always been excited about telling people what I do. I am totally passionate about it and absolutely love the idea of being able to help people improve their lives in any way possible. Because I mostly cover dating and building self-confidence, people tend to ask me questions like, “So you know how to pick up women, huh?” “So are you a player or some type of pick up artist?” My favorite by far is, “So you’re telling me that you can get any girl in here?” Sometimes, it bothers me because that’s not at all the point of me doing any of this. Sure, I’d like to be better at attracting beautiful women and I think it’s a very important thing to learn in life because it builds confidence and finding women to connect with is a difficult thing to find these days, but the idea of being seen as a pick up artist and how it is viewed in the public really bothered me.

When you think of a pick up artist, you will automatically think of Mystery, who is a tall, skinny fellow who wears things like a huge top hat, goggles, a feather boa and black fingernails. He is such a stand out, it’s crazy – but it works for him and he’s had amazing success in his life. Then you think about how some of these other guys that just seduce women into having sex with them and it can definitely put off any woman who knows this – understandably so.

So I decided to give people who interact with me a different approach to what they think is pick up. After talking with me, they finally understand what I do and how it’s different than the usual pick up artist. When I go out, I end up meeting a lot of people. I love meeting people. Socializing is my thing. I am always living in the moment and if I sense there may be a connection with another woman, then I’ll go after it – but it’s never planned these days. For me, it’s better not to plan these kinds of things because I will appreciate the moment, the interaction and the person more – as we all should do. Plus, you never know who you will meet that night. It could be someone that can change your life forever.

But then, I started to hear people still use the term pick up artist when they think of me and they would always explain, “I know you’re not one of “those guys.” I understand what you do and it’s changed my perception of who a pick up artist is.” I find that to be great but you’d still call me one? Am I really a pick up artist?

I got on my computer and tried to find the best definition of a pick up artist online and I came across the best one so far yesterday. It was so good that it inspired me to write this. It’s from Seduction Nation and the article can be read here. But here is their interpretation of what a pick up artist is.

“A pick up artist (PUA) is somebody that is able to meet and attract women with ease. They can mingle seamlessly in any situation, and leave almost any woman dying for his attention.”

The next line is what struck me.

“Contrary to what you may believe, anybody is capable of this – it just takes the proper use of [seduction] techniques combined with a cool confidence that only comes with experience.”

You hear that? Anyone is capable of this! You just have to go out there and work toward it. But I digress…

So based on that definition above, I would have to say, “Yes, I am a pick up artist.” But I would change it a little bit, replacing women with people. I am great at meeting and attracting people to me. I’m pretty cool in any given situation and people always look to keep in touch with me because in our interaction, I have connected with and impacted them somehow. And that's a great feeling because most likely, they have impacted me as well and would love to continue the interaction later.

It sounds ridiculous and might come off as over-confident, but that is essentially what networking, meeting people, and potentially meeting the love of your life is all about. If you’re not living your life trying to impact as many people as possible – and allowing people to impact your life – then what are you really doing?

So, I am a pick up artist and I am ready to change your life. The question is:

Are you ready?