Demonstrating Higher Value

The Pick Up Artist Episode 5 Review

In this episode, Mystery challenges the men to pick up “hired guns.” Hired guns are women who have been hired, strictly based on their looks. So to prepare them, Mystery takes them to a women’s charity auction, where they will be auctioning off themselves. The goal here is to tell a story that demonstrates higher value and a higher auction price.

To demonstrate higher value, you have to tell a story that subtly indicates your social status. These little hints are things that women listen to in order to determine if you are a healthy mate. Of course, you can use body language to convey these things but eventually, you are going to have to open your mouth.

Here is my take on all of the things that you should project in order to maximize attraction:

Being interesting
Being unpredictable
Having style
Not appearing needy
Being a good lover
Being funny
Capable of creating a connection
Being secure with yourself
Being trustworthy

Others can include:

Already having beautiful women in your life. If your ex-girlfriend was a hired gun, right there it tells them that you are capable of attaining an attractive woman.

Financial stability. Note that this is different than having a large amount of money. If you are stable in your life, that is all you need. Forget what anyone else thinks. There’s no need to flaunt your money, like others do. They’re just compensating for another area that they may lack in.

Being a protector. If you can tell a story that talks about how you saved your girlfriend or your close friends from some type of trouble (basically be the hero), that’s huge for you. Any woman would love to be around a guy that they know will make them feel safe and protected. A very attractive quality.

Being a leader among men. If you can show that people look to you for direction or that you just lead a life dependent on no one but you, that is also a strong, attractive quality.

I’ll leave it at that for now. I’ll have a video post of what a DHV story would sound like very soon (You’ll have to sign up for the exclusive access – also coming soon!).

Ok, back to your scheduled review.

So the guys pretty much embarrass themselves on stage, except for Greg. He actually told a good, genuine story. I think that moment told me that he should be the favorite to win this thing. But he needs to step up his game and not rely on just looks.

Long story short, Matt wins the auction with $850. What was his reward? He gets to have Tara by his side during the field test later on that night. Each reward just makes it easier and easier to pick up women. Unfortunately, every time someone gets a reward, they don’t know how to use it effectively.

In Mystery’s lesson on picking up hired guns, he says that it’s important to neg (give a playful insult) right away, then go right into demonstrating higher value (DHV). I think you can do this in most situations when you are dealing with really attractive women. It simply just gives off the vibe that you see and have been with attractive women before and her looks aren’t going be her selling point with you. Isn’t that what it’s about anyway? Finding a connection that goes deeper than physical attraction?

Anyway, Rian has his usual breakdown so his count is now up to 5. What a loser. I don’t understand why he is still around. I compared him to Prahdeep from the first season and that was a mistake on my part. Prahdeep had a much better learning curve.

Mystery finally brings them to the field test – a bikini fashion show. And the guys have to talk to the women of the show. Now considering what their progress has been over the course of the season and how attractive these women are, they have no chance.

I’m not going to get into the interactions this week because they were all terrible pretty much.

Greg hovered and creeped out the first two women. Then he talks to another girl and bores her to death.

Brian used a good opener and opened up a group of 7 people but fizzled in the conversation with his quirkiness. He then followed a couple of the women and creeped them out. Then he approaches another girl and pretty much insults her. She doesn’t like it and they all walk away. Terrible.

Mystery, what are you teaching them? This is a joke compared to last season. You have more people watching this now then last season and this is what you show them? You’re not helping your name at all. Nor are you helping the public perception what is a pick up artist.

Rian opened a set and failed. A woman did show interest but he couldn’t capitalize.

Matt froze, even when he was with Tara. I just get frustrated with these guys. Greg just won’t pull the trigger. He can get most women to be attracted to him and he is just too scared to take a risk and make a move.

Simeon talked to two women and was able to get a number from the woman who was talking to Matt and Rian and showed some interest to them.

Clear winner here is Simeon.

Elimination: This medallion is called Jera, which is the rune of success. You can read all about it here. But I just can’t believe that they eliminated Brian.

Brian??!?!?! I mean, it makes sense because he was never able to draw attraction from anyone, but man, if you are going to eliminate him and he’s the most socially apt out of the group, how could you keep any of the other guys?

Now that the show has gotten rid of the Asians, now I need to find a new favorite. This one I’ll have to think about.