The Pick Up Artist Episode 4: Review

So after almost getting the shaft at the conclusion of Episode 3, Rian stays in and Karl gets the boot. Probably the better choice but it seems like Mystery’s decisions are pretty random. I don’t see who is going to become a pickup artist after this. I mean there will be one because it’s a TV show and they have to choose one but still. No one has proven to even be worthy of the title.

So this week is all about understand their sexual prowess (if any). Mystery asks a few guys about their sexual history. Looks like there hasn’t been much going on in these guys’ sex lives. That sucks a lot. There is no feeling like having a sexual interaction with a woman. Even if it is just a kiss, it can be the most wonderful thing in the world. I really can’t wait for these guys to get to that point. I’m just worried about how long it’ll take them.

Mystery introduces the group to a sexologist. She looks OK but I am a fan of Mystery bringing in these various women into the mix. I just expect the quality of women to increase as the show goes on. The sexologist’s goal is to teach these guys how to be a better lover.

I’ll just briefly comment that the mannequin idea was creepy, awkward and unnecessary. That’s all I’ll say.

She shows them some erogenous zones on a woman’s body – of course with a little female-on-female teasing action. Let’s see if I can remember the ones that she talked about:

1. Earlobe
2. Nape of the neck
3. Breasts
4. Navel
5. Hips
6. Back of knees

Another good one I like is the inside of the elbow. It’s just WAY too sensitive there.

The reward challenge was for them to practice hitting those erogenous zones with a live woman – the sexologist. They would be in a dark room with her for 90 seconds. She wouldn’t know who is who and so she has to choose the winner based on feel alone. The reward: an earpiece with a direct line to Mystery during that night’s field test, which usually guarantees a win.

Everyone was pretty bad in the end. Simeon was a creeper again, slobbering all over the poor woman. He even goes in there with his shirt off. Crazy stuff! Brian pretty much mauls her but that’s expected when the only experience is grabbing a fat person’s boob and running away. The winner ended up being Matt. The sexologist said that Matt seemed focused on her and was enjoying himself, which in turn made her enjoy herself.

Guys, remember that statement. Whenever it comes to sexual interactions, if you focus on her and just enjoy the moment, everyone will be happy. Trust me.

After that joke of a challenge, they get into the theme for today: Kino Escalation and the Kiss Close

When it comes to escalating to potentially a kiss, it’s a gradual thing. She needs to get used to you touching her. Maybe walking arm-in-arm is a great way to start. Then, maybe you’ll want to hug her or push her and tap her on her shoulder. Then eventually, the idea of you two kissing doesn’t seem so ridiculous. It’s all a gradual thing. One thing that I didn’t hear from Mystery or the other wings say that I actually think is important is that whenever approaching a set, it’s best to start kino right away. From the outset, even when you’re using your opener, place your hand on their shoulder or the small of their back. If not done creepily, you’ll be well on your way. If done creepily, you will be blown out – practice makes perfect!

Along with kino, there are compliance tests where you pretty much test how interested she is in you. Based on these tests, you should calibrate to her response and proceed accordingly. These tests are just simple tests to see if she’s is giving you indications of interest (IOIs), such as keeping any part of her body touching you, wanting to get to know you more, being playful/flirty with you, etc. I knew right away that these guys were going to have trouble. They’ve all been struggling creating attraction all season.

Oh, what are these compliance tests? Some examples:

1. Wanting to play a game
2. Making her do a spin for you.
3. Having her buy you a drink.
4. Letting you palm-read her.
5. Getting a hug.
6. And there’s more…

As usual, a separate post will be made on the interactions. I will say that the quality of the women that they are choosing now is getting better and the interactions have a little more substance for me to write about, so it will be fun talking about this stuff!

Rian ended up winning the field test. It wasn’t impressive at all. No one kiss closed and some of the guys couldn’t even number close. It was pretty pathetic. Matt, with Mystery in his ear, couldn’t do anything. I was just shocked at how slowly they are progressing. At least Rian put himself out there and kissed the woman, which I thought was a big step for him. No breakdown for him…yet.

This elimination ceremony presented the medallion, the Kauno (or Kenaz), which symbolizes enlightenment. Check this page out to learn about the Kauno.

Rian didn’t get to choose wingmen and it’s better that way. Mystery needs to start axing people right away. There needs to be some significant improvement or I will think of this entire season as a bust.

So who got eliminated? Not Greg. Todd. But I feel like Mystery just eliminated him randomly. You can see the look on Mystery’s face that he saw some potential in him and just let him go. But I also honestly think Todd might be gay and just doesn’t know it yet. In every interaction with a woman, he just doesn’t seem like he gets it. He has a great smile but something about him is just telling me that he is gay. Oh well. I’m sure we’ll find out sometime down the road.

Stay tuned for my analysis on some of the approaches when I get home and watch the DVR again. Man, I love that thing!