Learn the 10-10-10 Principle

Hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend! I had a big surprise sprung before me when one of my good college buddies was in town from New York. I haven’t seen this guy in almost 3 years and it was great to see him!

My buddy, his girlfriend, his twin brother, his fiancee, his younger brother and I hung out all weekend and on Saturday night I got to see his parents again, which was awesome. His mom is such a cool person and this article is actually dedicated to her because she taught me something that I plan to use in my life from this point forward and I want to share this with you as well as I know you, too, will benefit from it!

It’s called the 10-10-10 Principle.

With every decision that you make in your life, you have to think about how you would like it to affect you in the future. How is your decision going to affect you in the next 10 minutes? How will it affect you in 10 months? 10 years?

You make the decision and if you think that down the road it is going to affect you for the better, you go with it and commit to it.

If you have an amazing interaction with someone and you realize that there may be some things that might hold you back from getting closer to her, you ask yourself, “How badly do I want this in my life?” Is it going to be worth sending her that extra text 10 minutes down the road? 10 months down the road, could she be a significant person in your life? 10 years down the road, could she be the happiest she’s ever been in her life – married to you?

Life is so short, guys. Bring closure to every question that may come up to your head and go to no end to figure it out. We don’t get “lucky” by sitting around and waiting for something to happen. Those who get “lucky” go out and find their luck and don’t stop until they do. Persistence is key and that key could open something that could change your life.

These are the kinds of interactions that serve as points of inflection in your life. For that, I am thankful to know my buddy - and his parents, who have been married for nearly 30 years and still very happy. You think that’s rare? My parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary a week ago.

Anything is possible. It’s up to no one but you to make it happen.

So, when you make your decision, think about how it’s going to affect you in the 10s of your future. It could be the difference in changing your life.