Back in the Men's Room


A few weeks ago, I wrote about a new Internet show called the Men’s Room, hosted by Mark Sparks. I hace been following it week by week and it's so good that I really have to share some of this stuff with you.

Watch this episode above about Adrian Biccum. He talks about how learning to be a man will make you better with women and define your purpose in life. Watching this episode has taught me a lot about some of the things I had to go through (and still am) and how masculinity issues are what prevents a lot of us from really enjoying our lives.

A few other things he talks about are handling relationships once you're in them and handling breakups. Sometimes breakups do not have to be terrible and there is a lot of learn from the people that you were with.

I'll be the first to say that I learned so much about myself and what I needed to do to change my life from my last girlfriend. I will never foret these things and I'll never forget how she changed my life for the better.

You can also check the Men's Room website here if you want to see more videos. If I see other episodes worth posting here, better believe you’ll catch it here.