A Great Shirt and Tie Guide - Now You Have No Excuse


Wow, I can’t believe that it’s Thursday already. This week is flying by and I have so much to do to prepare for Podcast Infinity. Should be awesome! But anyway, on my day off from work, I have had a chance to catch up on a few shows.

Speaking of which, November has been a great media month so far. With great video games, TV shows and movies (well, movie – Quantum of Solace) coming out, it’s going to be hard to find free time to do anything else.

One of the shows I got to catch up on was Entourage. One of the scenes that stood out was when Ari had to convince Barbara to meet with his buddy Andrew Klein. In his success, Ari and Lloyd go and give Andrew a makeover to improve his appearance. He came out looking good.

I love sharing cool ways to help people improve their look and I came across one a couple days ago. It’s from Express (my current favorite store) and it’s called the Shirt & Tie Guide.

It’s pretty simple. It’s divided into three parts.

The Perfect Combination. Here, you get to choose different types of shirts and what kinds of ties will work. This is key for me because I never tried mixing striped shirts with striped ties and now, I know what to do. It’s a must-see.

Pick Your Fit. You get to check out the different types of shirts Express has: Modern Fit, Fitted and Premium. All of their shirts are great and they have awesome deals going on all the time.

What Knot to Wear. Like my previous post about the different ways to tie a tie, this one shows four different types of knots: Four-in-Hand, Half-Windsor, Windsor and Bow Tie.

Good stuff going on here, so I don’t expect anyone to have an excuse for why they can put themselves together. Take some risks and see what happens. And as always, if you actually go to an Express Men store, never be afraid to ask for help. They will hook you up.