Honey and Lance's Virgin Roundup

Over the course of a couple of weeks, a large group of bloggers have posted articles about virginity. This has sparked some talk recently over hearing news about women selling their virginity and other discussions about how the "virgin" is lost and virginity is not only rare but no longer "a big deal." These are some great articles - so much so that I am re-posting Lance's post, giving links to all of the articles. I hope you can check it out and post your comments.

There will be more roundtables to come so stay tuned!

That’s right, our virgin roundtable kicked friggin’ ass. Big props to all the bloggers who participated, you people rock. For this edition of The Weekly I’ll list all of the posts that were submitted for the roundtable and also give a brief summary. We’ve got an awesome range of perspectives, from single mothers to pickup artists to peeps who just recently lost their vcards. Link love and pagerank to all.

Hammer - Blogger Roundtable: Virginity - Hammer is a 22-year-old social artist living and working in New York City. He’s sharp as a tack, specializes in online game, and writes good stuff. Since we attended the TSBMag Mansformation Retreat, he’s my new homeboy.

Matt Savage - The Dilemmas Of Male Virgins - Matt Savage pens The Modern Savage blog. He’s a seduction artist and lost his virginity at age 27, so his perspective is perfect for this topic. In this post he talks about the conundrums of being a male virgin.

Beauty of the Year - Virgin Vendetta - “Lisa” write this blog about family, sex, friends, happiness, and rage. She lost her virginity at age 17, she’s glad she did, and thinks everyone should ditch their vcards in their teenage years. She also has sex with married men and waxs poetic about the simplicity of these relationships. Obviously, you’ll want to stop by this one!

Effy - Why Wait? An argument against saving yourself - Effy is a 27-year-old social artist who also happens to be a South Carolina Gamecocks fan. You poor bastard. Seriously, I follow ‘Cocks football because you have my old football coach, Steve Spurrier. They always find a way to fuck up big games. Go SEC, though! Effy gives a compelling argument against saving the vcard for marriage. His perspective comes from someone who lives in the Bible Belt and he sees a lot of couples getting married way too young.

Hot Alpha Female - Let’s Talk About Sex…Baby - From one of my fav Aussie Bloggers, sex kitten attraction specialist HAF has one word for all virgin bashers: RESPECT. Also, her post has a picture of me as a kid…where did you find that??

Evil Woobie - Why is Virginity a Big Deal Among Filippinos? - Evil Woobie is a terrific blogger in the Philippines who writes about sex, dating, and astrology. Check out her post where she ponders why (or why not) Filippino men value virgins.

Project Infinity - The More “Touchy” Part of Dating: Sex & Virgins - Infinity is 23-year-old pickup artist who also blogs about fashion, lifestyle, and dating. In this post, he talks about the special connection you make with your partner after the first time and how sex gives you confidence. He also ponders the notion if a GUY could sell his virginity, a la Natalie Dylan.

The Quest for T - Virginity: A Girl and a Mom’s perspective - T is a single mother who offers her perspective on losing her own virginity and how she would handle the issue when talking with her two young daughters. She’s also big into masturbating, so I give her props for that!

Lisaq - The Value of Virginity - Lisaq gives a very honest perspective on losing one’s virginity at age 15 in 1977, and she argues for holding onto virginity until the right person and the right circumstances come along. Lisaq is one of the co-authors of the 20-forty.com.

Kira - Losing Your V-Card: Big Deal or Big Whoop? - Kira offers her losing-virginity story, which by her own admissions was a disaster. Check it out and also read about her views on when is the right time to do it.

Bobby Rio - Virgins For Sale - One of my homeboys at tsbmag.com writes about how taking a girl’s vcard gets you admission past the guarded gates…for life!

Holly Hoffman - How my mom helped me lose my v-card - Holly talks about her how sex affected her relationship with her big sister and her mom, and also how she deflowered her FIRST THREE BOYFRIENDS. Obviously, you’ll want to read this one.

Single Mom Seeking - Why I’m aspiring to be a virgin again - Rachel Sarah is a 36-year-old single mom who offers the single mom’s perspective on sex and vcards. She wants to be a virgin again! Seriously, she writes a good post, so stop by.

I Date White - The Brotha Virgin - Eathan from idatewhite.com gives his own hilarious twist on the topic of virginity, here he talks about how white women are “brotha virgins,” that is, they’ve never been with a black man. You know what they say, once you go black, you can’t go back.

Dad’s House - Virginity? It’s So Overrated - David Mott is a single dad and he says that virginity is majorly overrated, and he tells you what great sex is.

My Secret Hobby - Virginity, what’s the deal? - One of my favorite new bloggers, Kiera is a self-proclaimed “cockwhore” and her blog tagline is “The Pursuit Of Cock.” Shit, what’s not to like, eh? She’s been an un-virgin for less than a year, so her perspective is pretty cool. Since The Dateable Dork (can we still have sex??) exploded her blog, Kiera might be the next hottie-sex blogger around these parts.

The American Virgin - Let’s Talk Virgins - This whole site is about virgins, and in fact, they’re making a documentary about it! Stop on by.

New World Yankee - You Dragged A Rampaging Virgin Out Of Me! - Yankee is an female medical student studying in Hungary. Here, she gets her rant on about all things virgin.

The Virgin - Roundtable: Virginity - And of course we couldn’t hold a roundtable on this topic without getting The Virgin to participate, despite the fact that he just popped his sacred cherry and he’s now on blogging vacay.

Here are the posts from Honey and Lance. Again, thanks to everyone who participated. May your Alexa rank decrease and may you get on the frontpage of Google every time!!

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