The Countdown to Podcast Infinity Continues!

As the countdown to Podcast Infinity continues, I just wanted to talk about a few things really quickly.

I am so pumped for this! I don’t know what about it has me excited but it just does. Maybe I have the opportunity to help tons more people out there. Maybe I can provide a weekly segment of entertainment for some. I have no idea what to expect and that alone keeps me excited!

The second thing is that you are all more than welcome to come by the Draft and hang out. I mean, don’t come just for me – although, that would be nice. There are always cool things going on at the Draft.

Tonight, there is karaoke going on starting…actually right now! They are also serving 25-cent wings, which for me is worth the trip. I might actually go down there – since I am hungry and all.

Wednesday night, after Podcast Infinity, the Draft will hold their weekly trivia contest. Being a huge trivia guy, I would love to assemble a team and try to take out the competition.

There are always things going on at the Draft so I hope to see you there sometime. And did I mention that they have over 17 different drafts, flat screens and the occasional live music? It’s just a good place to go to and the people who work there are cool. Be sure to say hi to my boys Derek, Jesse and Tim for me! I’d give love to the bartenders but I only know Jen. She’s cool – I guess.

So enjoy the countdown and I hope to inspire, motivate and entertain you while we all strive to achieve the success we deserve!