10 Signs A Woman Is Into You


"Top 10 Signs A Woman Is Interested In You"

I like giving out guidelines and this is one of the popular ones people ask me to give. It's really not hard to tell if a woman might be interested in you.

You just have to pay attention.

Let me place a disclaimer here. There are people who will see this list and then think that every woman who gives them the light of day is into him.

Please, don't be an idiot.

You're not looking for just ONE non-verbal cue. You're looking for a string of them.

Ok, let's go.

10. Playing with her hair. Women have gotten on my case about this one, telling me, "I always play with my hair!" And yes, this is true.

But women subconsciously play with their hair MORE when they're around a guy they're into. If you see it, it's a sign but low on the totem pole of her interest.

9. Giving positive, open-ended responses. A woman who isn't interested will say as little as possible while still answering your questions.

Women who are open to conversation will add positive details to their answers. This makes it that much more important you listen to what she's saying as her words will be the keys to connecting with her.

8. Opening her posture. Once a woman is interested and is comfortable, she'll start to loosen up and turn her body toward you.

Look for her uncrossing her arms, crossing her legs with the crossing leg pointing toward you and rolling back her shoulders.

7. Asking questions about your life(style). Once she's engaged and interested, she'll start to inquire about your life. Probably not surprising to many, most of the questions will revolve around how you live you life.

From your job and where you live to how you like to spend days / night when you're not picking up women at the bar, every answer you give will either increase or decrease her desire for you.

It's always a good sign when she's asking questions and contribuiting to the conversation.

6. Revealing more about herself. If she's telling you things about herself, that's when you know you're no longer a stranger to her. She WANTS you to know these things about her.

Once again, it's imperative to listen as she'll be expecting you to understand, relate and connect with her.

5. Adopting your gestures and mannerisms. This is a VERY subcouscious thing -- and I LOVE this. When she's having a great time and into you, she'll naturally start to adapt certain gestures in the moment.

Next thing you know, you two are mirroring each other. It's a weird thing but if you can pick up on this, you're on the right track.

4. Teasing. There are many women who will show their interest by teasing you in some way. They'll make fun of you, poke you, tickle you and play silly tricks on you. Fun, grade school stuff.

It allows her to loosen up and be herself around you. If she's able to do this, not only is she into you, she'll be most likely be touching you, which is as obvious as it gets.

3. Tilting her head and smiling. In sequence, this is a killer move. Once again, women don't do this consciously but it's a way to know if she's enjoying your company in the moment.

Chances are, if you see this move, it wouldn't be surprising if she's already thought about kissing you.

2. Dilating of the pupils. As humans, we do this to all things we see and like. This is probably the most difficult thing to notice in the moment so don't blankly stare in her eyes looking for it. She'll think you're weird.

1. She gets closer to you. This one is a no-brainer and the most apparent sign. Make sure you smell good.

Honorable Mention: Pursing and licking her lips. I think this can be a sign, but with more women using lip gloss, I think that could be the more telling sign.

Considering most guys who have difficulty attracting women are better able to tell when a woman is NOT into them, having this list will help.