What Are the Best First Date Spots?

Figuring out where to go on a first date can be stressful. You want a fun environment but you also want to be relaxed so you two can get to know each other a little.

You'd think that going to a nice restaurant or bar would be the go to, but that's not the case, according to the data compiled from 200,000 users on the dating app Clover. Starbucks tops the list of best first date spot, which is not all that surprising.

But what is surprising? Chipotle is number two. Yes, the place many will call burrito heaven looks to be an ideal spot for a date.

Of course, the spots will vary but age but generally, national chains seem to be the go-to. And here's what you can take away from the infographic below – women prefer to meet at a coffee shop instead of a bar.

So after seeing this new information, where will you take your next date?

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