The No-BS Guide On How To Follow Up After The First Date



I regularly contribute my expertise with the writers of AskMen on various topics on dating and relationships. Here's one of them.

Everyone seems to have a different opinion on when — and how — to follow up after a promising first date. You want to air on the side of forward (but not too aggressive) and you don’t want to come on too strong. But then again, you don’t want her to think you’re too into her, too fast.

So before you start counting the minutes in between text messages or obsessing on what to say to the beautiful woman you just went out with, take a breath, relax and repeat after us:

Most of those rules are bullshit. Founder of The Professional Wingman, Thomas Edwards, says the key is to let her know you’re interested. It’s that simple. But if you need some more tips — because hell, who doesn’t in today’s modern dating world? — here are some tips straight from the expert.

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