Pride. Determination. Resilience.

Everytime I read this, I get pumped. It'll be a constant reminder for me and it should be for you as well. To get the original version, be sure to check it out at Pickup Evolution. Those guys write REALLY good stuff when it comes to women and personal development.

As I am watching the movie Pride, it made me think about your pursuit. In your pursuit of being better with women and becoming a better man, you need to build a foundation of pride, determination and resilience.

Pride. It is the firm feeling of pure satisfaction from your own achievements or from qualities that are widely appreciated. Take some pride in yourself and what you are looking to accomplish here. Your pride should one of the main things motivating you to push through your comfort zone and become successful in life and with women.

Think about it.

How much pleasure do you get when you’re able to get the number of a very attractive woman? How satisfying is it when a woman tells you that she’s never been with someone like you? How awesome is it when you can wake up and feel like a much improved version of yourself from the day before? Think about those feelings and let them push you forward to help you get to where you want to be.

Determination. It is the firmness of purpose. How bad do you really want this? I mean, seriously. I hear guys say all the time that they want to be better with women. They want to be able to have the confidence to go up to a woman and sweep them off of their feet. I’m sure you all do, but how determined are you? What are you willing to invest in yourself to make this REALLY happen? You must find your reason - your purpose - for wanting this so bad and let them be another motivator for your progression.

There is an end game to each stage in life. This is just another stage.

Resilience. It is the ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficult situations. Rejection is GOING to happen, whether you like it or not. Women WILL put you on the spot just to see how you will react. There will be other guys around who will try to clown you. These things are going to happen. You are going to be in situations that you won’t be prepared for. What actions you take to maintain control of yourself and the reality around you will determine your resiliency. Maintain your composure is a very attractive quality to have and as you go through this stage of your life, you are going to develop your composure with all these difference interactions you will come across.

This is your tripod! This is the foundation that you can leave here with right away. And we all know what happens when you don’t have one leg of a tripod.

Go out there and be the best and don’t settle for ANYTHING less.

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