How Tiger's Infidelity Will Help Him

Yesterday, I tweeted the following statement about Tiger Woods,

I think what he did was not the best idea. Even hearing the voicemail that was leaked, telling his mistress to clear his name from his phone gave me the chills. Here is a professional superstar (also known as an athlete), who has dominated his sport since he stepped into it, has made more money than anyone who has played anything with a ball, and has so much more time ahead of him to rule the sports world. Now, he’s in the middle of what he calls a “transgression.”

But what has he done that Kobe Bryant hasn’t done? Or Michael Jordan (gambling)? Or Andre Aggasi (drugs)? If anything, I really believe that this will be the point in which Tiger Woods finally becomes a man.

Everyone thought that he was untouchable. I’m sure he even felt the same way after a while. When you hear something so much, you start to believe it - doesn't matter what it is. He was so good at being concise, private with the public and making sure no one from the media was able to pry into his personal life. There was more information leaked out of Fort Knox then about his family. Then this very harshly brought him down to "our level of humanity."

But I think he’ll recover quite well. Maybe this will make him get out of his own stubborn ways and remember that his father left him to carry on his name with pride. Maybe this will make him refocus and reprioritze his life and his goals. Maybe this will make him realize that the media will do whatever it takes to get the information it needs that will help or destroy someone’s image and there’s nothing he can do to prevent that. Maybe this will teach him to man-up and accept more of his mistakes than just the major one he’s being scrutinized for currently.

I personally think now that he is “human,” he will be more lethal than ever, on and off the golf course. Just like how Michael [Jordan] came back, won another three championships and secured his right as arguably the best basketball player of all time, Tiger will make his surge, completely wipe out the record books and leave a stronger history than what he was already on pace to do.

For those who are reading, take this bit of advice. Do not do what he just did. It’s human to make mistakes, but not to cheat. Infidelity is just NOT cool. No matter what changes in your life, it’s important to stay grounded, be rational despite potential changes of emotion that may affect your thinking, and most importantly, maintain the E & O.

Like Tiger, you’ll survive.

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