The 50% Rule & How It Relates to Meeting Women

I am sure many of you who read this already are familiar with this. Others may forget about this so it’s never a bad thing to refresh everyone’s mind. I remember sitting down and talking with someone the other day and they asked me, “So how do you really handle rejection? In the beginning, you were obviously rejected more than you were accepted. How did you deal with that?”

Here’s what I said.

For me, I decided to treat making a connection with women like inviting them to a house party. If you invite 100 women, 50 are going to say ‘yes.’ Out of those 50, about 25 will actually show up. With all of your hosting duties, you’ll probably end up talking to 12 of these women for a decent amount of time throughout the night. Out of these 12, you’ll probably get 6 numbers from them. When you contact them, you may get 3 women to call you back. And out of those 3, maybe one will keep regular contact and a relationship will ensue. (The same concept goes for women trying to meet men as well.)

It sounds crazy but that’s how it is out there. You are going to go out there and meet many women (if you are actually taking action and making an effort). A very small percentage of those women will actually continue to talk to you 6 months down the road. As you get better at creating connections and become more comfortable with yourself, you will notice your success rate going up.

But at the beginning, you’ll be on the grind. You’ll be rejected. People may even laugh at you or think you’re weird or creepy. In the end, it’s not about how bad you get rejected. It’s about how much you can take and keep going. That’s where the evolution comes in.

A part of handling rejection is coming to terms that it will happen. As good as I am with making a connection with people, I still get rejected every now and then. After a while, you just say to yourself, "hmm…that blows. Well, I gotta keep moving.” Even at your best, you may mess up. It happens to everyone. And it’s ok. This is all for the greater good -

To become the best person we can possibly be and the only way to do that is to evolve through interaction.

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