What’s Your Equation?

It’s always an interesting topic to talk about with friends. I put up an image this morning and asked for people’s thoughts. Here’s what some of you had to say (thanks for responding!).

“I think my scale is somewhere in between, minus $ factor.” - @katiedel

“Nope...often I think it’s (looks + humor) / intelligence...if you’re talking about many of the bad guys out there.” - @datingrev

“I don’t know if I agree w/the + money part of the women’s equation. I don’t need rich, but I’m not looking to be a sugar mama.” - @joeybonbon

All of those comments make sense. I think money does play a role in rating a guy but not in the sense we’d normally think. Financial security is important to some women in the sense that the two of you won’t be living from paycheck to paycheck and can live comfortably. Also, it would be good to know you are good with making financial decisions.

But notice the order in which these variables are shown. Women add looks last while men put it as their first factor. Women should not be surprised by this and there’s not much that will change that. For men, let this be a lesson for you. Women do not rank looks as highly as you think - and that’s a GREAT thing. If you’re smart, witty, funny, can carry quality conversations and smart, you have a very good chance of winning her over.

I don’t necessarily agree with the equation for men. I would probably put it this way:

(intelligence + humor) ^ looks. 

Even if she is capable of being a 0 in looks, the total score would be 1, which still gives her a chance. A physically unattractive women has just as much a chance of finding love as that a man.

But everyone can have their own equation.

What is yours?

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