Weekend Wisdom

I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far. I wanted to share some things with you that I hope can help you now in the future. I’ve had a very interesting and eye-opening week and I have learned a great deal. These are some important points I’d like to share with you.

Live in the now. I know this is very contradicting having previously said, “in the future,” but it’s important that we all step back and appreciate the now in life. It’s really all you have and like I’ve said before, life doesn’t care about any plans you have (for the future). Things could change in a heartbeat. Let’s not take this literally and not save for a future and only live in the present. I am just saying that you can have that balance that allows you to enjoy the time you have now while being prepared for the future. Which leads to my next point.

Create balance in your life. I had an amazing talk with my girlfriend last week about having a good balance of things that are important in our lives. By talking with her, she helped me gather my words better to better portray the true balance in my life. I work my face off everyday and I don’t regret that one bit. I love what I do. But I also love my family, my friends, my girlfriend, my life and most importantly, myself. All of those things are important to me and it’s crucial to make sure that I have a healthy balance of all of those things to be truthfully happy. If you ever feel like you’re neglecting on aspect of your life that’s important to you – and most of the time, it’s usually yourself – take the time, step back and figure out how to restore that balance and DO IT. The more conscious you are about creating the balance, the easier it’ll be to restore and the less likely you’ll lose it.

Trust your gut and don’t apologize.
This is simple. If you’ve made a decision based on emotion or instinct, trust it. Over my time, I’ve realized that most of the decisions that I have made using my gut has never failed me to the point where I can’t recover. It makes it easier for me to take risks – and smarter ones over time. Once you bring closure to the fact that your instincts is ultimately what brought you to where you are now, it’ll put you more at ease the next time you have a choice to make.

You will always be more than what you do.
There’s no explanation – just thought it was important for you to remember this.

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