If Women Are Complaining About Pepsi, Should Men Complain About This?

I was talking to my sister over the weekend and I was explaining to her the Before You Score App and what about it caused such uproar. She then asked me if I heard about the application called Date Check. I didn’t so she sent me the link to check it out.

Yeah, I know. Women can run background checks on men. It’s literally like having a private investigator in her pocket. If the video wasn’t enough, let me reiterate what this application does. Just by putting in a guy’s email, name or phone number, women can find out a bevy of things.

Criminal record. It’ll have a record of anything naughty that he’s been cited for.

Net worth. She can find out if he’s a homeowner (even how many rooms it has, who else could own the place and its property value) and what kind of job he has (probably with an indication of income)

Other things include, marital status, date of birth, educational background and much more.

For each screening, it’ll cost her about $40.

So you’re telling me that this is a REAL application? This is as close to invading privacy without it being illegal. But is it, with the access of information that we put out there with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google and other sites?

My point is how do guys feel about this? How do women feel about this? Should this offend guys? Sure, it looks a lot different than “Before You Score,” but what REALLY makes this application any different? The criminal record search is called the “Sleaze Detector.” Wouldn’t this be a mockery of the lengths women will go to find dirt on men?


But of course, I doubt anyone knows about this application because it’s coming from a no-name company and there is little exposure.

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