My Dad's Dating Advice

Read below to find out how you can win this.I was 15 years old when my dad gave me the first dose of dating advice. 

“Make sure you wear a helmet.”

At that age, my mind was in the gutter -- and I adhered. Nearly 12 years later, after the journey I've gone improving my confidence around women, I’m fairly certain he meant for me to literally wear one around women.

Giving advice and answers on the more sensitive topics were among the many responsibilities of my dad.

Other responsibilities included, teaching me to tie a tie, educating me on alcohol, teaching me to drive, making me watch sports and pushing me in academics, just to name a few.

For my dad, all he wanted me to do is be as knowledgable as possible, know how to take care of myself and live a better life than he did. He thought that was the perfect foundation to build for the next generation.

I'd like think he did a good job as I am not a total delinquent.

But what being a dad means has evolved over the years.